Associated Press Writer Smears Veterans

As a veteran, I was appalled to learn of Matt Apuzzo’s Associated Press filing which resulted in at lest three articles (see below) being printed as “fact” in numerous major news media outlets:

Inmates who are vets more likely to be sex offenders

Vets in prison twice as likely to be sex offenders

Study links imprisoned veterans, sex crimes

According to my friends at Red, it appears:

(a) Mr. Apuzzo is selling a conclusion that was supported by neither the data nor the researchers;

(b) Mr. Apuzzo’s Math Kung Fu is weak; and

(c) Mr. Apuzzo shares with his AP colleagues a virulent disdain for the military which leads them to make up stuff like this.

See the rest of their analysis here. It’s well worth your time.

2 thoughts on “Associated Press Writer Smears Veterans

  1. Hi Bob,
    Your post is a misrepresentation of Apuzzo’s AP report. The US Dept of Justice released a study showing that incarcerated veterans have approximately double the likelihood of being sex offenders than do incarcerated non-veterans (23% to 9%). This is a fact. You conclude that the act of reporting this fact is itself a smear of veterans. It would be premature to conclude that these data imply that veterans are sex maniacs or pedophiles. Mr. Apuzzo did not suggest this. Mr. Apuzzo actually offered explanations as to why this statistic could be anomalous, that is, he offers mitigating circumstances that might explain the data. This was a fair and balanced article by Mr. Apuzzo. It is interesting that you do not link to the original AP article or to the Department of Justice data. Is it enough just to type… AP… veterans… sex… smear?

  2. Veterans are half as likely to be incarcerated as those without service experience in the first place, researchers found, but 23 percent of the veterans in prison were sex offenders, compared with 9 percent of nonveteran inmates.
    The incarceration rate for veterans is 630 per 100,000, compared with 1,390 per 100,000 for nonveterans. More than 90 percent of U.S. veterans are male, and 99 percent of the veterans in prison are male.

    If you extrapolate these numbers you would end up with 20 percent of the prision population would be sex offenders and 23 percent veterans. Statistically insignificant and certainly probably not relevant.

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