Tragedy Strikes Another School Playground

Tragedy has once again struck on another elementary school playground.

Officials at a Colorado Springs elementary school have banned the game known as “tag” or “it” from the school’s playground, according to an article on the Colorado Springs Gazette web site. School officials attributed the decision to the fact that some children complained about being “harassed or chased against their will.”

Today’s news comes almost one year after the game — referred to as “It” in news accounts at the time — was banned from the playground of a Spokane, Wash., elementary school (See Imagine Being “It” Forever for more details).

What’s next on the list of games to be banned? I predict it will be Hopscotch. Why? Because of the obvious reference to alcoholic beverages. Gimme a break!

One thought on “Tragedy Strikes Another School Playground

  1. Actually, ALL playground games will be banned if the progressives get their way. Why? Because current playground games have WINNERS and LOSERS. And that ain’t fair.

    How progressives plan to eliminate winning and losing in life, I have no idea. Neither do they.

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