Test Pilot Wows Audience with Christian Testimony

Russell O'Quinn

In church today, I had the opportunity to hear Russell O’Quinn, a 79-year-old test pilot who, to this day, continues to fly high-performance jet aircraft.

Afterward, all I can say is this: If your church wants to hear a speaker whose Christian testimony is as powerful as it is full of humility, insight and humor, I highly recommend you invite O’Quinn. If you can’t bring him in person, I suggest you purchase a videotape, CD and/or DVD of his story.

To learn more about O’Quinn, click here.

6 thoughts on “Test Pilot Wows Audience with Christian Testimony

  1. My wife and I had the opportunity to Mr. O’Quinn in our home on their visit to East Tennessee. I found Mr. O’Quinn to be a genuine speaker and wants to get his message to as many people as possible. His story is an amasing story and truly inspiring.

  2. Russ O’Quinn was founding pastor of the Church of the Open Door, a church of expatriates who were members of the US Air Force at Yokota Air Base, Japan in the late 1950s. Yokota was (& still is) adjacent to Fussa-Machi, Tokyo-Ken, Japan. I date my conversion to the period of time in which Russ was pastor. Russ was at Yokota as a tech-rep for the Douglas B-66 Bomber. When the B-66 was phased out of the Air Force arsenal, Russ was forced to return to the States. The Church of the Open Door continued and called Ron Blough through the auspices of Overseas Christian Servicemen’s Centers to serve as pastor. I was called to ministry during his pastorate.

  3. I ordered a CD A Test Pilot’s Story, on May 8 2010 payed by PayPal. and up to now i have not received it, it making me wonder.
    Wallace Buckle

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