Why is ‘Grandma Obama’ Still Living in a Hut?

Speaking before a crowd of would-be voters in Coralville, Iowa, yesterday, Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama said the following, according to ABC News Political Radar:

“It’s that experience, that understanding, not just of what world leaders I went and talked to in the ambassadors house I had tea with, but understanding the lives of the people like my grandmother who lives in a tiny hut in Africa.”

While some characterized it as a veiled shot at arch rival Hillary Clinton and her claims of presidential-level experience, I viewed it differently. Obama’s statement prompted me to wonder why “Grandma Obama” is still living in a tiny hut years after her nouveaux-riche grandson had attained the means via which he could have greatly improved her living situation.

Just a thought from Bob McCarty Writes.

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American Thinker found similar problems with Obama’s seeming indifference about “Grandma Obama.” Click here to see the article in which he links to the article above.

8 thoughts on “Why is ‘Grandma Obama’ Still Living in a Hut?

  1. She wants to as in chooses to live the way she does. She likes the lifestyle.. It may be hard for most Americans to comprehend but to some people life isn’t just about material possessions and money. Some people like the simple life regardless of how much they or their family members are making. He’s built and funded a school in that same village, you think Obama hasn’t been kind enough to offer her better living?

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