Fat Tuesday and Super Tuesday to Overlap

For the first time ever since 2000, “Fat Tuesday” and “Super Tuesday” – this year dubbed “Super Duper Tuesday” — fall on the same day, Feb. 5.

If you’re not familiar with the term, Fat Tuesday, you might be quicker to recognize it by its French name, Mardi Gras. Each year, this event draws hundreds of thousands of Americans to celebrate the day before Ash Wednesday by donning costumes, participating in parades, consuming large quantities of alcohol and engaging in forms of revelry that tend to skew more toward the core values of Democrats than Republicans.

Super Tuesday, on the other hand, is the name first used March 9, 1988, to describe the election day on which the largest number of presidential primaries take place. This year, voters in more than 20 states will determine how 2,075 Democrat and 1,081 Republican convention delegates are divided among presidential candidates.

Unfortunately, since Louisiana’s isn’t one of the Super Tuesday primaries, we shouldn’t expect to see any of the top-tier presidential candidates high atop any parade floats in New Orleans that day. Maybe Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, but not any of the major candidates.

2 thoughts on “Fat Tuesday and Super Tuesday to Overlap

  1. FYI: This is not the first time that Fat Tuesday and Super Tuesday occurred simultaneously. It happed at least once before back on March 7, 2000.

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