Can Taser-Proof Clothing Really Beat a T-Shirt?

I learned today that a man in Arizona has filed a patent application for a type of taser-proof clothing which, apparently, he thinks will be more effective for a would-be victim of the electric shock device than, let’s say, wearing a Don’t Taze Me, Bro! t-shirt. But really, can taser-proof clothing really beat the simplicity of a t-shirt?

The abstract for Gregory Russell Schultz’s patent application describes the clothing this way:

Taser-Proof Clothing Patent Application DrawingAn energy weapon protection device to be worn by a live potential target includes a generally flexible main panel having three main elements, a generally flexible, generally planar electrically non-conductive outer insulator panel, an electrically conductive inner conductive panel and an electrically non-conductive insulating backing panel. The inner conductive panel is mounted on the insulating back panel in generally parallel alignment and the outer insulator panel is mounted on the inner conductive panel in generally parallel alignment thereby forming the main panel, and the main panel is operative to receive an electrical pulse from an energy weapon through the outer insulator panel into the inner conductive panel which completes the electric circuit for the energy weapon and the insulating backing panel generally preventing electric current from passing therethrough from the inner conductive panel such that the live potential target is protected from the electrical pulse generated by the energy weapon.

Don’t Taze Me, Bro!Maybe it will be more effective at fending off un-asked-for electric jolts, but I’m willing to bet taser-proof clothing will be radically more expensive and way more complicated than your average Don’t Taze Me, Bro! t-shirt — which, by the way, is available today.

4 thoughts on “Can Taser-Proof Clothing Really Beat a T-Shirt?

  1. Actually, it’s pretty easy to defeat a tazer or stun gun. It’s a little more complicated than a tshirt, but it offers much more protection.

    The patent pending garment is overkill, relying on three different systems to defend against taser attacks. A simpler design would be nothing more than a conductive mesh that covers any vulnerable spot on the body.

    It’s very simple: electricity follows the path of least resistance. For a person wearing a tshirt, the path of least resistance is the nervous system. If, however, you are wearing a thin wire mesh shirt, the path of least resistance is from one probe through the metal mesh direct to the other probe.

    Look up Faraday Cage. The principle is identical.

    So, if you want to make your own, go to the hardware store and look for aluminum window screen material. It’s cheap. Next, line your clothing with this material. I recommend coveralls or a flight suit so it’s difficult to get to your skin when they realize that it’s not working.

  2. Taking aluminum ducting tape and putting in all over the inside of a jacket would probably do the trick. so long as there’ a path that’s not you connecting the two prods of the taser it won’t zap you*. You will probably still feel something, as 10 – 100 kv next to you will probably make quite a bit of current go through the wire, and will generate some kind of magnetic field. A chain mail shirt will also make you impervious to taser fire, unless they tase your junk or something.

  3. look at ArcAttack a german band who wears a faraday cage type suit and tesla coils, matched to music, zaps him and conducts the electicity along the surface of the suit and grounded out at the aluminum plated shoes. another example is Dr Megavolt, with the same principle.

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