Gore Scolds Americans for Ignoring His Call

Al Gore re-entered the media spotlight today, but not for the reason most expected. Instead of discussing publicly the much-talked-about possibility of him making another bid for the White House, he sent a brief statement via e-mail to both select members of the news media and a handful of bloggers this morning.

Surprisingly, the former vice president’s message appeared very similar to — but perhaps more harsh than — one he issued a year ago. Its wording appears below:

Al Gore“Despite my call one year ago, far too many American homeowners opted to paint the exteriors of their homes green, thereby increasing the amount of green house gases entering the atmosphere. Because of their carelessness, I’ve decided to use my bully pulpit as a champion of environmental causes to ask leaders of Congress to act immediately and outlaw the sale of green house paint in the United States. Those who violate that law will not only face stiff fines, but they will be forced to repaint their homes different colors altogether.”

Upon reviewing the message, this blogger attempted to contact Gore’s office for some clarification. Unfortunately, my calls to his Nashville-area office were not returned.

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