Obama Organized Farrakhan’s ‘Million Man March’

Democrat presidential front-runner Barack Obama not only marched with Nation of Islam Founder Louis Farrakhan in the first Million Man March on Washington, D.C., but he helped organize the 1995 event!

The “he marched” claim was reported in a 1995 Chicago Reader article and brought back to the attention of the blogosphere March 29 by Hugh Hewitt. The new revelation, however, was unearthed today by Gateway Pundit.

Buried 13 years deep inside the archives at Biography.com, the biography of Farrakhan includes this statement:

In 1995, along with other prominent black leaders such as Al Sharpton and Barack Obama, Farrakhan helped lead the Million Man March on Washington. A second march, called the Millions More Movement, took place in 2005.

In case you don’t remember — or weren’t around yet — for the 1995 effort, the most-memorable thing about it was the controversy over crowd-size estimates.

March organizers at the time estimated the crowd size at between 1.5 and 2 million people while the United States Park Police officially estimated the crowd size at 400,000, according to the Wikipedia entry about the event. [Translation: The rabble-rousing, hate-America organizers of the event got caught telling, for lack of a more-racially appropriate term, "a little white lie".]

Now, it’s going to be interesting to see how Obama’s campaign spin doctors spin this one.

43 thoughts on “Obama Organized Farrakhan’s ‘Million Man March’

  1. Barry Hussein Obama is a Christian. Why would he be involved with NOI? He just went to a church that is hate-filled like the mosques are. Jerimiah Wright is not different than Farrakan. That is why they are pals. Wright honored Farrakan and Farrakan goes to Wright’s church.
    All the same different names, different religions. You don’t even need to convert to become a member at Wright’s church.
    We do not need the kind of “change” Obama will bring to the United States of America. Obama will remove the United part of our country.

  2. A few facts for the uninformed right-wing nutcases.

    The majority of Black people accross social/economic lines in America enthusiastically supported the Million Man March.

    According to polls, 80% or more Million Man March attendees identified themselves as Christian.

    “Liberation Theology” in the tradition of James Cone and Dr. Martin Luther King is and has been a widely respected mainstream Christian way of scriptural exegesis for Black churches in America for many many years.

    Similiar to Rev. Wright, Dr. Martin Luther King was hated, harrased by government and mis-chracterized by mainstream (read: White) media during his short life leading up to his murder.

    Farrakhan commands the respect and support of the mainstream of Black America.

    Right-wing nutcases have a few choices.. come out and outwardly advocate what you desire—”the good ‘ole days” of segration/apartheid or continue to be exposed as the hypocrites you are.

  3. The premise of this “article” is not true. Sen. Barack Obama did not participate in the planning or organization of the Million Man March while a Illinois State Senator in 1995.

    While he may have been active as a participant in the Black state legislators who endorsed the march, he DID NOT have a role in any of the planning of the event.

    The record of the details of that endorsement is available as it is a part of the Illinois State Senate record.

    The Executive Organizing Committee and the local organizing committess nationally have no mention of his name AT ALL in any of the documentation from that period.

    Furthermore, I was there in Chicago at the meetings. Then State Senator Barack Obama was not.

    The morale of the story is even if you hate the guy, get your facts right and don’t just plagiarize someone else’s lie.

    AM- Chicago, IL

  4. AM — Is that short for AnonyMous? Anyhow, I’ll trust the folks at Biography.com and Gateway Pundit before I’ll believe some nameless Obamaniac from Chicago. Good try!

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  6. Nuts are tough, healthy and full of wholesome goodness….loonies make alot of whacky noises that apparently only other loonies understand…I’m neither, but I’d rather be a nut! The Million Man March may or may not have had good motives, but BO’s association with Farrakan is just another example of poor judgement from a man who claims to transcend race, yet seems to be associated with many who see race as the only factor for all the worlds evils, or at least this countrys.

  7. obama, farrahkan,wright…..duh ? somebody needs to get this to foxnews, they are the only ones to do a story on it. the mainstream press loves obama, he can do no wrong. its purely disgusting what obama gets away with. and it goes on and on with obama.

  8. Susan — A link to this story, posted at RealClearPolitics.com, is generating a lot of hits today. To get it spread further, it’s going to take people like you to help spread the word. Thanks in advance!

  9. Do any of you even know WHY they marched on washington? So many of you can’t seem to see past your own noses. I find it funny how the point is missed. Who cares if he helped organize it. It was a movement to make people like YOU ALL see that we (african americans) are no different than you.

    Hypocrits = bashing 1 man, while saying you’re about peace… look to thine own self first.

  10. AM … since Senator Obama doesn’t have his papers/lost them/whatever, he is going to have to understand that people are likely to use whatever source comes to hand to fill in the blank pages in his “resume.” Just imagine what the Republican party has “squirreled away” if you think that THIS is nuts! ;)

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  12. People have PROOF!,..you can run but you can’t hide!..MORE TO COME!..GO HILLARY!!

  13. Chico — I prefer the “Run, Hillary, Run” on a bumper sticker on the front of my car. But I digress. Do you have the “proof” you mention? If so, please reveal.

  14. LOL,I’ve never seen that bumper sticker! Can I post the proof? No,but wait for it.I’m sure his sig will show up somewhere it always does.

  15. All the black men that I knew in my life between a certain age went. Spike Lee even made a movie about it. The march was about black men stepping up to become leaders in their communities. It was about empowerment and pride. I went to the Million Family March in 2000. Where the speakers spoke about the building of strong black families and the need for blacks to love and help heal one another. Barack Obama was not even known at that time!! People are repositioning the story to make him a central figure when he was no where near being a central figure. Many people as you said went. Bill Clinton endorsed it. You people can get no more ridiculous than you are getting right now.

  16. Hot Off The Press-

    You are so silly. From reading the article, I assume that everyone knows that Minister Farrakhan orchestrated it. That does not take away from what I am saying, if you care about what I was saying?


  17. I live in Washington, DC. The first Million Man March was attended by all religions and creeds. It was a very positive event emphasizing responsibility, spiritual, morality of African American men. Fathers brought their sons. Grandfathers attended. It did not strike me as dominated by the Nation of Islam. I do not believe, however, that Barack Obama helped organize the event. He may have attended (and if he did, good for him!), but I don’t believe he helped organize.

  18. Thank Elisabeth, he did not. He was unknown back then. He was not a prominent leader at all. I believe that he helped organize a group of men from the church or his neighborhood to attend. Many groups did that. My older brother was apart of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity and they had organized people to attend. Many of the men in my family went. There was also another one in 2000 called the Million Family March which was the same thing but was aimed at families. I attended.

    “It did not strike me as dominated by the Nation of Islam. ”

    It was not.

    Louis Farrakhan though controversial amongst both blacks and whites, has done a lot of good.

  19. LT — Notice that I did not say Obama organized the march, the writer of a 13-year-old Biography.com article did. And if Farrahkan was involved, I can’t use the Martha Stewart favorite — “It’s a good thing” — to describe it.

  20. Facts for the Uninformed Delusional Farrakhan Defending Off the Charts Left Wing Nutcases:

    from “Black Power and Black Theology” written by James Cone:

    “Black Theology refuses to accept a God who is not identified totally with the goals of the black community. If God is not for us and against White people, then he is a murderer and we had better kill him. The task of the Black Theology is to kill Gods who do not belong to the Black Community. Black Theology will accept only the love of God who participate in the destruction of the White enemy. What we need is the divine love as expressed in Black Power. Which is the power of Black People to destroy their oppressors here and now by any means at their disposals. Unless God is participating in this Holy Activity, we must reject his love.”

    Rev Jeremiah Wright cites this book as the basis for his ministry on his Talking Points page of the church’s website: http://www.tucc.org/talking_points.htm

    …and don’t EVEN try to compare that douchebag Jeremiah WRONG to Dr. Martin Luther King ! ! !

    apples and oranges, my friend, apples and oranges

  21. Reverse Psychology will not work!

    I will define myself and understand the objectives of Reverse Psychology!

  22. Tracy,

    Listen. Just because someone does not have the same faith as you that does not mean it is wrong. It is Christianity and every sect of Christianity is different. People are standing from afar and analyzing a situation based on excerpts and soundbytes and you cannot do that to get an understanding.

    You also called me a “left wing nutcases”. Many people do not agree with Farrakhan’s anti-semitism. I do not because my father is Jewish (I thought I should throw that out there). However I know that he has done and siad other things that have truth. Many people did not go to the Million man March for Farrakhan or the Nation of Islam, they went for unity, empowerment and connecting brother to brother. I was young and I remember my brohter going along with his frat and some of my family members. Many black feminists did not like the fact that it was male only. Therefore in 2000, there was a Million Family. It in no way…radical, seperatist or anything, it was pretty mainstream…very mainstream. The then President Bill Clinton endorsed the march. Millions went. Are you going to chastise all those people??

    Also Tracy, please with the Martin Luther King, not only was he not the only black leader ever, many seem to not understand a lot of what he did.

    Martin Luther King and Jeremiah Wright do have things in common but they are fundamentally different. Jeremiah Wright is a black conservative and Martin Luther King was a liberal. There is an article about it written by David Shurub. This conservative have nothing to to with mainstream white liberalism and conservativism. Malcolm X is a black conservative also. They believe that racism is deeply embedded and that worrying about trying to change white America is taking away from African Americans empowering themselves. If you want be to explain it to you further, I will. Wright grew out of the black liberation movements that emerged in the late 60s into 70s.

  23. I also wanted to add that MLK despite what people are trying to creat him into now, was quite a radical.

    I also have always found it ironic how whites in this country especially white conservatives hate figures like Malcolm X when Malcolm X was telling blacks to forget the government, forget democrats (they are only fooling you) and empower yourselves, each other and you communities. He was not about white dependence. He was all for blacks standing up and asserting themselves and doing this for themselves!! Interesting=)

  24. Obama has brainwashed so manyAfrican Amercians to vote for him. He play the race card that his mother is white and his father is from African to get black and white voters. He is not African American because he cannot trace his black history in this country. He is an African citizen. To make matter worse he has silent the voice of our civil rights leaders.
    Sistah X

  25. It is amazing the crap tha some of you write or believe. There is nothing the black man can do in this country,i.e. go to a church that preaches liberation, march iwth a man who speaks out againstt the injustices of America on the black man,ect. that will ever equal the atrocities thatblack man has suffered under the hands of white America. Most of you don’t know the true history of this nation. the shameful legacy it has from the genocide against the natives, the rape and enslavement of a people brought here in chains and the legacy of hatred, bigotry,,discrimation injustice that still permeates in this society. Read, study, learn and then perhaps you can talk about something more sensible than who did what to make you squirm.

  26. “I went to the Million Family March in 2000. Where the speakers spoke about the building of strong black families and the need for blacks to love and help heal one another.”

    You forgot the part about speakers telling black people to not marry the devil white people. Our family, of both races, was strolling across the mostly-empty Mall between museums at the time. It didn’t seem very loving and helping.

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  28. Whether or not, obabam helped orgaznize the march is unclear, however, he and Wright were staunch supporters and attended. He was definietelynot an unknown then..He was a member of Wright’s church and has always been anti-American. He worked with the despicable and corrupt Acorn and he still supports them. He is not Christian or . He sat an a hate filled org. for 20 years and for 20 years listened to hate speechhes against Whites and America. Jeremiah Wright became wealthy preaching hate while Obama sat in his pews agreeing. He was the first president in history to refuse to join in a national day of prayer. Instead of attending church on Sundays, he works out

  29. You failed to mention that NASA said based on photographs, they estimated there were at leasr a million people there. That included me !!!!

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  34. Interesting…. The Biography.com site has now been edited to remove any reference to Obama.

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