Veteran Found Guilty in Mexican Flag Incident

Peter Lynch


If New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson has a shred of honor and patriotism, he will immediately pardon Peter Lynch.

Lynch is an Air Force veteran who, on Sept. 17, 2007, saw a Mexican Flag flying on a flag pole on the University of New Mexico campus. Seeing no American flag present, especially on Constitution Day, he notified campus officials. In turn, they chose to ignore the blatant violation of flag protocol. Lynch could not and, yesterday, a Bernalillo County jury found him guilty of a crime — criminal damage to property.

“I’m really still kind of floored that I was found guilty of a crime in America,” Lynch told The Daily Lobo. “I do think that my actions may have been slightly overzealous, but given the gravity of the situation – I was a cub scout, you know. I’ve learned when I was 7 years old how to raise and lower a flag and fold it. I feel strongly about the colors of the United States of America. That’s what it’s all about.” [Click here to read the rest of the UNM campus newspaper's report about the matter.]

Gov. Bill RichardsonIf you think Governor Richardson should immediately erase this conviction from Lynch’s record, call him and let him know how you feel. He can be reached at the New Mexico Governor’s Office at (505) 476-2200.

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UPDATE #1 4-04-08Blogger Launches ‘Pardon Peter Lynch’ Effort

22 thoughts on “Veteran Found Guilty in Mexican Flag Incident

  1. This guy should have known that in USA the Mexican flag outways the Stars and Stripes.

    Welcome to the new world were illegal flags and illegals Mexicans have more rights then the PEOPLE of the USA!!!!!

  2. Politically-correct BS. The UNM — if receiving US taxpayer dollars — should pay back every penny and hence receive it’s funding from Mexico City, if the unpatriotic bastards want to fly the Mexican flag instead of ours. Screw the prissy-wristed leftists.

  3. I know it seems as though the Mexican flag was getting some respect the American flag wasn’t. He apparently damaged somebody’s private property. If he had a beef (even a legitimate one), there were channels available for him to assert his complaint. Remember, this is supposed to be a country of laws, not of men. Laws protect our property, our safety, and so on (some days better than others, admittedly).

  4. Mark — If you had read the post, you would have learned that “he notified campus officials” and “they chose to ignore the blatant violation of flag protocol.” Only then did he take action — the right action (as opposed to the left, or liberal, action).

  5. New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson has no shred of honor and patriotism. Billy is a self promoting tool and if there is nothing in it for him it won’t be happening.

  6. Mark, it’s we the people, not we the laws. If you disrespect the sovereignty of the country you are living in, you may lose more than a flag. UNM are schmucks and got off easy. Peter Lynch you are a patriot. Rock on!

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  8. So, if I disagree with action or inaction on the part of the authorities, I should feel free to break the law to do what I think is right? If I do, I have to pay the consequences. That’s what civil disobedience is. You’re basically advocating anarchy.

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  10. Justice is not to be taken in ones own hands, that’s why there is a government, New Mexico Is part of USA but remember it used to be part of Mexico, a Mexican flag in a campus is not a horrific sight and no American Citizen should take it as such, we would be much better off embracing the culture that came with the territory just like it is done peacefully in Hawaii

  11. Is there a VA office on this campus? It should be immediately closed! Does this campus receive any State or Federal aid? It should cease immediately! Every taxpayer who supplies money to this school should be notified by U.S. mail of the situation and the position that the school officials take.

    Yes, it is a free country. But when we say “free” we mean freedom.. We don’t mean smash the windows open and take what you want for free.

    I am not advocating that Peter Lynch get off “scott-free.” But the elements, that were the catalyst for this event, should never have been casually ignored. I want to know if there is a VA representative on this campus who knew that the campus was violating Federal Law. I want to know if there are any Instructors or Campus workers who turned and looked the other way when a foreign country raised its colors on our soils.

    I am not a hater. I do think that we can work together to find peace. But I don’t think Universities should become autonomous city-states at the expense of local taxpayers.

    I do not think that taxpayers should be forced to work… more hours… to be away from their family… more… to essentially sacrifice “more” of their grocery money for special-interest groups to make a statement… unless the taxpayers know that this is where the money is going. If you want to be a super-hero… be a super-hero. But don’t do it on someone else’s dime. Please don’t do it with someone else’s groceries.

    You might be a different color. You, or your parents, might come from a different Country. It is not the responsibility of the rest of the world to change your diapers, pat you on the back, and subsidize “your cause.” Do you even know what your cause is? Is it worth everyone else’s sacrifice? Do you really think the rest of the world feels that way too?

    Are you just doing it because you can?

    They don’t fly the British Union-Jack over the Stars-and-Stripes in New England. They don’t fly the Swedish flag or German Colors over the Stars-and Stripes in Minnesota. They don’t even fly the Rebel flag over the Stars-and-Stripes in the “deep South.” Why do you raise the Mexican colors so high?

    What exactly is the message here?

    If you want to come to this Country and embrace its opportunity — like everyone else’s parents and grand-parents have done — then please show a little respect! I am a descendent of immigrants. My Grandfather came here in search of new opportunity and promise for the future. My Grandfather never slaughtered any Native Americans and he never owned any slaves. He worked hard. My father worked hard. And I have worked hard. And not one of us ever became wealthy.

    I continue to struggle with monthly bills just like you do… just like the majority of hard-working Americans do. I still beg from Peter to pay Paul. And it just never seems to be enough. I never robbed you of any opportunities and neither did my father… nor his father before him.

    You second-generation Americans need to grow the hell up!

    I have absolutely no problem with anyone flying the Mexican colors in tribute to the Stars-and-Stipes of this Nation. I would be honored. But you should NOT fly the colors of a foriegn country above our own. When you remove the symbol of MANY nations who joined together for “a better your cause”, you are essentially spitting on that cause.

    You are spitting on a lot of generations when you do that.

    It really isn’t about hate… unless you hate me. If you hate me then I really don’t know why. Do you hate me for being different than you? Do you feel that somehow you are better than me?

    Why exactly are you doing this?

    Is it for education? Education should be about knowledge and enlightenment. If you really want to be a part of this nation… If you really want to contribute to “a better cause” then please stop disrespecting the symbols of that cause. You do not have to sacrifice who you are. You do not have to abandon your heritage. And you just might be surprised at how far a little courtesy and respect can go.

    Not every person will embrace you. Not every person will embrace me. If you really want to reach-out to people, then you need to embrace them. You might just be surprised at how many would embrace you in return.

    Alone we have strength, but together we could move mountains…



    There’s no laws banning people from flying whatever flag they want to, and the code about flying a flag above the US one doesn’t even have a penalty for failing to comply. Your first amendment in fact specifically allows them to raise a Mexican flag if they wish. It also still allows them to burn your flag if they feel like it

    Also if you ever wear something with the US flag on it, such as clothing, then guess you just violated yer own code mates.

    Have fun =]

  13. Me — It doesn’t take a law for someone to know what’s right and wrong, mate! Flying the Mexican flag by itself on U.S. soil is wrong, law or no law, mate!

  14. Have you traveled into Mexico very Much? I know 30 of the 32 states in Mexico, they fly the American flag in most of them, there are American Corporations all over Mexico it is impossible to go to a supermarket and shop without buying some American product, there’s American retirees in every resort town in Mexico, and are Mexicans complaining about this? No, they are also working hard, both in the USA and Mexico to allow for the American Economy and the American flag to fly high inside and outside of Mexico and you don’t see the Mexicans complaining about flags or no flags, you do see them on the fields working hard to get those groceries that you buy with your hard work . Why don’t we do something for the world peace starting with peace in our own territory, with the people that were here to begin with, rather than fighting about a piece of cloth with certain colors? What matters most is in our homes and in our hearts not hanging on a pole.

  15. Rite — You’ve strayed from the relevant issue. As long as life in this country remains in peril due to illegal immigration and growing disrespect/disregard for things American, I won’t give a rip about flag etiquette in Mexico. As for the people there, sure I care, but I’m not willing to allow this country to sink to the level of Mexico for sake of political correctness and multiculturalism.

  16. hotoffthepresses2

    Okay so you’re against the First Amendment?

    In fact I’ll counter with: Not flying the Mexican flag without the American flag is wrong. I mean to not celebrate this unique culture. The culture derived from the new and old worlds brought together. Rather than that of the country that tried to wipe out the new world.

  17. Me — How in the world you concluded that I’m against the First Amendment by reading this post is beyond me? But I’ll give you a break and assume, based on your email address, that you’re a Brit and don’t understand what being an American is all about. Ta ta!

  18. He destroyed private property, he deserves to be punished.
    Hell yes end all Federal payments to this campus. But do it because they are unconstitutional, not because of a flag.

    As to the comment above, I do live in the South. I do fly two flags. The Gadsden flag and the flag of the Confederate States of America. I will not fly the flag of the United States. If someone tries to harm the two flags I do fly, well lets just say if they get away from the dog my shotgun is waiting.

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