Is Cancer Cure Two to Three Years Out?

Seven months ago, I published a post about cancer researcher John Kanzius who had found a way to burn salt water (See Researcher Discovers Way to Burn Salt Water). Today, I offer an update that comes in the form of an article published at in Erie, Pa. Here’s the “meat” of that story that could possibly constitute life-saving news for cancer patients of the not-too-distant future:

Steven Curley and his team of researchers at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston are killing malignant tumors in rabbits and mice with Millcreek Township inventor John Kanzius’ radio-frequency generator.

So when will they start treating humans?

Two to three years, if everything goes right, Curley said.

Audio and video accompany the article:



2 thoughts on “Is Cancer Cure Two to Three Years Out?

  1. I am thrilled @ the possibility of the lives to be saved utilizing the nano particles and John Kanzuis’ idea! Where may one donate to the financial support of this vital project?
    I saw the first airing of this idea on “60 Minutes” & cried tears of joy for those surviving with cancer today. I am reminded of all those who have passed on who could have been saved. I know a couple of individuals who’d volunteer their bodies for experimentation today if the meticulous process & radio frequency generators were being utilized. Please advise as to when this will be possible.
    God will reward each of you for your service to mankind one day soon. May He bless you in your continued research, and you, Mr. Kanzuis, in your continued endeavors despite your own personal trials.
    I would love to help support you & this project in any way possible.
    Sincerely, Jamie
    PS I am a four-year cancer survivor.

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