Subway Writing Contest Disses Homeschoolers

What’s this all about? The disclaimer at the bottom of the Subway Fresh Fit for Kids™ web site explains why this former homeschooling parent is boycotting the sandwich shop where, during one two-year stretch in my life, I ate lunch three to four times per week:

Contest is open only to legal US residents, over the age of 18 with children in either elementary, private or parochial schools that serve grades PreK-6. No home schools will be accepted.

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UPDATE: Subway Apologizes, Promises Another Contest

23 thoughts on “Subway Writing Contest Disses Homeschoolers

  1. This is but one example of such practices shutting out homeschoolers or, in the case of some music conservatoris, placing additional requirements on them. At several music conservatoris, students applying for admission do not have to take the SAT’s or have a minimum-score requirement for those SAT’s. But homeschoolers do! Of course, some conservatories know better and rely on auditions, which are a better indicator of success in the field of musical performance.

  2. Subway must be afraid of a home schooler showing up the public dyseducationed kids in particular.

    I’ll add Subway to my ‘skipped for lunch’ list.

  3. Yep, you can add Subway to my “list” as well. Too bad, we enjoyed Subway often…looks like Port O’ Subs and Quizno’s has new customers!

    Just like our choice for homeschooling, our sandwich choice will be anything but Subway!

  4. I have written Subway to “educate” them how homeschooling works for many of us with the use of co-ops or university model schools who could use playground equipment, computers, etc. just like public and private institutions do. I also mentioned the fact that many homeschoolers are very health-conscious and frequently eat at Subway, but will now boycott them. We have Quizno’s, Jersey Mike’s, etc. in our area as well, and they will be getting our business! With 3 teenage sons who eat there at least once per week, that should affect them on a very small scale! Maybe we can “educate” Subway! :-)

    Thanks for the info!

  5. After finally getting a link to the website to work, I was appalled to find 2 spelling errors on the first page alone! Do they not proofread their stuff before posting? “Bastket,” is I am assuming, basket, and “Untied”, United.

    Reminds me of that old bumper sticker , “Dyslexics of the world…..UNTIE!”

    Maybe this isn’t for homeschoolers, after all! LOL. We WILL however be boycotting our local Subway, and ALL Subways for that matter. Our local Yahoo Homeschool Group is sending out
    emails about this item, and I wondered if HSLDA is aware of it yet? Homeschools in Washington State are considered private schools with all the perks thereof.

    With Jersey Mike’s, (they ACTUALLY put some meat on their subs), Quizno’s, and a new local Alfy’s within a mile of our house, we won’t be in Sub-deficit.

    I think my two kids will write stories as part of Language Arts, and then we will get a lesson in Real World Politics as they try to submit them.


  6. Ummm… very interesting that ‘homeschoolers’ are NOT allowed to participate in the Subway contest. As part of the ‘homeschool’ movement of 11 years and 2 graduating scholars as of 2008; It would be interesting to gather where their reasoning stands in regard to the decision to disregard ‘homeschoolers’ in the contest. Shall we reason this corporate decision made by Subway? Could it be because of the intelligence of the ‘homeschoolers’ and the fact that they stand alone, they have decided to allow at a later date a contest for ‘homeschoolers’ only? That would make so much sense! Ok, never mind… In the meantime, until that contest comes to light I will discontinue my tradings with their company.

    In regards,

  7. I can’t say for certain, but my guess is that since any prizes won are awarded to the contestant’s school, Subway would have a sticky time awarding the advertised prizes should a home-schooled child win the competition. It seems to me that Subway is just trying to avoid potential legal and/or tax problems; I doubt there’s any malice intended toward home-schoolers in the decision.

  8. Passign –Based on my personal experience as a home-schooling parent, I’m willing to bet a foot-long sandwich on the fact that Subway could figure out a way to award a prize to a home schooler. Nearly every home-schooling family I know belongs to a home-schooling organization at the local, state or national level (sometimes all three). Subway’s lawyers/marketing whizzes, I suspect, didn’t try very hard to include home schoolers.

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  10. Here is an online petition against Subway. Go Quiznos!

    http://www.petition home777/petition .html

    And here is the place to e-mail the right people for complaints against Subway. Scholastic Inc. is on the internet too, don’t forget to give them a piece of your mind also!
    SUBWAY® Public Relations
    (203) 877-4281
    Kevin Kane Ext.1329
    Les Winograd Ext. 1683

    SNUBways is OUT!!

    QUIZNOS is IN!!

    Eat fresh AND FAIR!!


  11. You know they could have found a way to include homeschooled children! Although I think they want the parents to write the story? Their site says you are supposed to be over eighteen… Kind of hard to find elementary school kids that are over eighteen, but if they can be found anywhere, it’ll be in public schools! LOL!! My daughter is not even homeschooled yet, although she will be (after a fashion) after this next school year, when she will begin attending Liberty Online Academy, through Liberty University. However, I still sent Subway an email of protest, and let them know we won’t be eating there either, unless they change the rules.

    Go Quiznos! They’re better anyway! :)

  12. Well I must admit that I am so happy Subway FINALLY United the Untied States! The Freudian implications were abounding…

    I understand the political agenda the Public school system has regarding home schools. And now it has ebbed into the private sector, dividing us. But what I find more difficult to digest that what Subway is doing is that it is a promotion in conjunction with Scholastic!

    SCHOLASTIC! They are the ones who are actually choosing the winner! Do they have any idea how many homeschool families use Scholastic materials?

    I have read hundreds of posts of disgruntled home school families who are steaming mad at Subway. And they they should be…but people, please do not let Subway be the scapegoat for Scholastic!

  13. I think this contest will hurt Subway and Scholastic. I have written my displeasure to Subway and am going to write Scholastic. I have 3 home schooled grandchildren who are very upset and they should be.

  14. My wife and I home school. I think we should show the other cheek here. Instead of boycott, lets all pick a day and eat at our local subway and let the individual owners know that we don’t hold them responsible, I think there is a more effective way to communicate. Jesus said if someone asks you to go a mile, go two. Anyone can boycott. Even so, anyone can love a friend. But to love those that persecute you shows the true power of God.

  15. I would have to agree with Justin lately,. Two comments before me. We need to show the love that Christ would but still let them know how dissappointed we are. I have home schooled for three years and we still need to set Christain examples for our kids.

  16. I will never go back to Subway. I don’t need their service, they need mine. Corp America listens only to money, Don’t go back just because they said “SORRY” They still didn’t change the rules. Yes, forgivness is great, But how do you forgive a corp? And homeschoolers support schools in their areas by paying taxes. Think about it!

  17. We spent hundreds of dollars at Subway during our last production, but we won’t be doing so with our next production in October!

    Manny Edwards
    Brightline Pictures

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  19. I could immediately see what they are doing- the prizes are school equipment and don’t want individuals to get them. come on guys, stop spending those precious minutes fighting the establishment and get on with schooling your kids!

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