Drive Free for 2,400 Miles on Plasma

With gas and diesel prices in the United States higher than ever, many Americans are struggling to find ways to pay for fuel. Some are turning to plasma — selling their plasma, that is.

By selling their blood plasma, healthy Americans can help their fellow man and help themselves by earning enough money to drive thousands of miles virtually free.

“How?” you ask. Let me explain.

Because plasma is quickly replenished by your body, you can donate plasma as frequently as every 48 hours, but no more than 12 times a year, according to the American Red Cross. According to, one can expect to earn as much as $50 per donation.

Because $50 will buy you about ten gallons of regular gasoline at today’s price, it’s reasonable to conclude that a single trip to the blood bank would net you 200 miles if your vehicle gets 20 miles per gallon. If you donate as often as possible (i.e., 12 times per year), you can expect to realize about $600 per year. That means you’ll be able to drive virtually free for 2,400 miles every year.

If you’re queasy about donating blood plasma, purchase a Will work for fuel t-shirt (left) instead. It might help you in your quest to find a second or third job to help cover your household’s growing fuel bill.

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