Blogger Demands FEC Verify Obama’s Eligibility

Twice during the last three weeks, I’ve published posts — here and here — about the growing controversy over the authenticity of Barack Obama‘s birth certificate. Today, thanks to a tip from Atlas Shrugs‘ Pamela Gellar, I offer news that a blogger in New York has written a letter to Donald McGahan, chairman of the Federal Election Commission, requesting an investigation of the matter.

The blogger, Mitchell Langbert, writes:

I have mailed the following letter following conversations with Contrairimairi and others who have suggested an FEC investigation of the Obama birth information. Currently, it does not appear that any one government office has taken responsibility for verification of a candidate’s eligibility to be president, and part of this inquiry is to force the FEC to clarify who is responsible.

Click here to read the blog post containing the letter.

Note: My only question about the letter is this: Who is “Contrairimairi?” In a cursory search, I found an AOL e-mail address containing that name, but no details about the person.

17 thoughts on “Blogger Demands FEC Verify Obama’s Eligibility

  1. I’ve read the letter. Mr. Lambert should have sought professional advice. He’s playing Obama’s game unwittingly perhaps. One should raise the question to the proper forum. FEC is bound either to ignore the request or to state it has no jurisdiction. What is next step? the court on a jurisdictional issue. Not that useful politically speaking.

    This birth certificate issue is a legitimate non-partisan one. It might go either way. It should be handled either the way Mr. McCain’s eligibility was or through a court having clear jurisdiction, not an administrative commission.

    Not being a lawyer, I would have sought legal advice from real experts before writing to the commission, and even lawyers would probably have sought legal advice before too.

  2. BA — I can’t say I disagree. Perhaps, as a result of his letter and the work of Atlas Shrugs and others, the issue will attract the attention of someone who can direct it to the right authority for review. Thanks for the insight.

  3. Hi! I am Contrairimairi, and if you ever follow Mitchell Langbert’s blog, you will often find me posting there. I live in Illinois, the State responsible for not vetting BO the FIRST time he ran for office. I have been attempting to have him removed from office as our State Senator if he does not prove American citizenship. I have met a “virtual brick wall” working with Dan White (Exec. Dir., IL Brd. of Elections). It seems, according to Mr. White, that any opposition had to be filed within 5 days of his name being placed on the ballot here, and then, apparently as “Gary” from Mr. White’s office claims, only if his petitions are challenged. My understanding is, he has NEVER had his eligibility requirements to be SENATOR verified! WOW! Ain’t that just peachy? So, Illinois may be being legislated to by a FOREIGNER! Care to try for POTUS? I think NOT! I commend Mr. Berg for filing the suit, and am anxiously awaiting the Court’s findings. In a day and age when identity theft is a HUGE issue, we apparently don’t even know for sure who is holding office, or attempting to.

  4. Well-
    The judge ruled against the birth certificate deal with challenging Obama’s citizenship. Does he or doesn’t he have to PROOVE his worthiness and eligibility like any other citizen of the US? Mr. Berg, can you appeal this decision? I am worried sick about our country.

  5. What also do we know about the background of Michelle Obama? Of course, everyone in the world knows about Cindy McCain’s drug problems of the past. There is just too much secretive holding on behalf of “O Holy One”. If all the crap was laid out on the table with an interview of Obama, not holding anything back, the rug would be pulled out from under his Marxist ___.

  6. Were you aware of this strange terrorist connection to Obama’s mom, Stanley Ann Dunham? You probably recall that one of her relatives or aliases appears to be: Kelly L. Schippleck, age 49 a.k.a. Kelly L. Allen, a.k.a. Kelly A. Dunham. This same Kelly L. Schippleck appears to have had a roommate/associate named Chet Hilburn Woolley age 42. Back in 2002 Chet Woolley was arrested for entering a hotel and threatening the employees with a b**b, leaving a small duffle bag behind and running off before being captured by hotel security. He was arrested on two counts of Terroristic Threatening. Here are the related links:

    Connection between Kelly L. Schippleck/Allen/Dunham and Chet Hilburn Woolley:

    Completely weird incident with Chet Hilburn Woolley

    This is completely bizarre story, and I have to wonder how this investigation was concluded, since there is no mention of the final outcome. The common denominator for the Obama clan seems to be their almost compulsive use of a variety of aliases. It’s as though the family is running a criminal enterprise, since it isn’t just changing last names due to marriage, but first names as well – as though there is plenty to hide.

  7. Ima Curious,

    I’m no fan of Obama, but I have to say that your comments — and links — lack substance.

    As far as the use of aliases goes, I have to ask a question: Is your name really “Ima Curious?” Doubt it.

  8. hotoffthepress2: Touche’ – Of course Ima Curious isn’t my real name… in case you hadn’t noticed, this is a blog not a driver’s license application – and I’m not running for President of the United States. As far as the links, I just find this apparent relationship between Kelly Dunham(?) and Chet Hilburn Woolley odd enough to comment. Does Obama know Woolley? Even if he did, it’s not a big deal, but I wonder what the motivation of Woolley was to do what he did, and what relationship he really has to the Obama clan. I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a few roommates in my time and none of them as far as I know has walked into a hotel and threatened the entire building with a bomb in a duffle bag – have you?

  9. Just FYI: There is absolutely no historical link between myself and the Obama family.

    My actions in 2002 were the result of a very complex investigation into links between “rogue” elements of the U.S. Intelligence Commmunity and Hawai’i Organised Crime with regard to Hawai’i nationalism movements. It was executed as a PSYOP to disrupt a then developing and linked terrorist threat to the Hawaiian Islands from Muslim Filipinos by injecting a “intention” based impulse into the then World Wide Military Command and Control System.

  10. What is going on now after the election regarding the birth certificate? Is it a “done deal” that the holy one doesn’t have to prove anything? I written to others and have not gotten one reply. Did Phillip Berg’s matter get axed all the way around?
    I am sick of everyone in the media saying how corrupt Blago is when the holy one is the one who has done illegal stuff to get elected. It just seems like everyone is just sweeping the real dirt under the rug, pretending like it does not exist.
    Thanks for any info.

  11. Azrael — Unfortunately, none of the cases that have made it to the U.S. Supreme Court have earned the five votes necessary to garner a thorough review. Sadly, I doubt Obama will face any serious resistance from the birth certificate issue.

  12. If not from the birth certificate deal, what about the alleged illegal foreign donations that possibly elected him? That just isn’t right-If President Bush had accepted foreign monies or even John McCain, honestly, do you think they would have made it to the point of taking the oath of office? I kinda think Obama got elected like the way “Al Franken” thinks he will be. I don’t think the votes were truly distinguished. Obama had and still has too much crap on himself. Has our American public jumped into the sewer that deep? Is this what they want to eat? And the audacity of Michelle Obama being proud for the FIRST time in her life of her country!You mean she wasn’t PROUD of her country when her a– was able to have the financial backing for a law degree? Many who have not had the opportunities that Michelle and “Barry” have had are proud of this country thru and thru. I am one of them. I really fear for the life of every American citizen who lives in our country under his administration. Hey-sorry for getting carried away-thanks so much for the information.

  13. To whom it concerns, I respectfully submit the following perspective regarding Barack Obama’s Hawaiian Birth: The very fact that Mr. Obama was born in Hawai’i, if in fact he was, should be considered by Constitutionally-minded Americans for disqualifying him from holding America’s highest executive office. Hawai’i is considered by many in our Global Community and by most if not all true Hawaiians, native or otherwise, to be stolen property and therefor not American soil. The reason why this is pertinent if you somehow consider the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawai’i justified is that Mr. Obama will be liberally open minded to an endeavor for the restoration of a sovereign Hawai’i due to the Hawaiian nationalism programming (A.L.O.H.A.) he would have irrevocably received at Punahou School and by the metaphysical natured global security healing equation such an undertaking would provide history. I’m fairly sure that our new President is a pragmatical and somewhat egotistically driven man who could easily be lobbied with the prospect of the Nobel Peace Prize that such a gesture would undoubtably manifest.

  14. Mr. Obama can thank me latter for the “manifestation” of his “Peace” Prize. Now that has been “given” to him he needs to earn it!

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