Chicago’s Summer Murder Total Higher Than Iraq’s

In the “Meet Barack Obama” section of his campaign’s web site, one can read that “Obama turned down lucrative job offers after law school to return to Chicago, leading a successful voter registration drive.” Today, I’m hoping the Democratic Party presidential nominee will pass on yet another lucrative position (i.e., the presidency) and come to the aid of the people in his Windy City during their hour of need.

Certainly, “hour of need” might seem too strong a phrase to describe the environment in Chicago, but not to folks in a city where Cubs, Bears and Black Hawks roam the streets.  To Chicagolanders, it’s a dire situation indeed and, obviously, the type only a man like Obama is likely equipped to handle.  A summary of the situation appears below:

In a report published today, Chicago’s CBS affiliate reported some incredible news: the city’s 125 summer murder total nearly doubled the number of soldiers killed in Iraq during the same time period.

That’s right!  This summer, there have been more murders in Chicago (125) than soldiers killed in Iraq (65).

My HOPE, therefore, is that Obama (a.k.a., “The One” and “The Obamessiah”) will:

1) See himself as a man of the people, forgo the opportunity to occupy the most-powerful office on the planet; and

2) Return to the mean streets of Chicago where he can use his community organizer skills to CHANGE things, restore order and end the killings.

If/when Obama proves himself capable of tackling and curtailing violence on the streets of Chicago, perhaps then Americans will judge him capable of serving as Commander-in-Chief of the Unites States.  Until he proves himself capable of the latter, NOBAMA.

12 thoughts on “Chicago’s Summer Murder Total Higher Than Iraq’s

  1. The solution is prayer. . . No (one) person can solve these terrible crimes-other than God himself!! Especially, not Obama who signed to stop a bill that would allow poor innocent babies lives to be saved from failed abortions attempts. So, it appears that Obama is more for killing off more of our very own people than saving them. Something to think about . . .

  2. Conservatives are hilarious. Keep up the work of the lord, partner.


    People are comfortable in herds, that’s the only reasonable explanation for this.

    How can so many people share or at least support the nonsensical gibberish and far flung social commentary from some inept middle aged white man on his laptop somewhere in kentucky or arkansas probably, talking about a place that he has no idea about.

    Go outside and get some exercise and get off of your computer.

    stop believing in magic

  3. A big part of the problem is the Chicago Police, they show little concern for the trouble areas of Chicago, or should I say the Black areas, I know this because I am a Mobile Mechanic and I deal in the Black areas quite a bit, have seen a lot!
    As a matter of fact I was drunk driving down a oneway the wrong way, and two caucasion Chicago police pulled up next to me and imformed me as well as inquired as to how much I had drank, and when I imformed them and clearly I was drunk, they told me to kill myself and drove off laughing, no I do not drink and drive anymore, but that nite told me something about where I live and the police, I should have been arrested because I was a danger to myself and to others clearly, but since I was in Englewood, a Black area, I assume I could not hurt anyone of importance in their eyes!
    I have been privy to many other incidents that I have to question Chicago ability to Police the Black areas, and it is not just one race of Police, I understand it to be get your check and get home in one peace! Someone needs to Police the Police in Chicago. Majority of the murders and silly crimes are in 8 miles of Obama’s home, but that is okay as long as it does not affect his home directly, well I will say this time will tell!
    And as far as the semi-riot at Fender, no police presence at all, but I would bet they were called, but if you know Chicago Police as I have come too know! They will not show until its clean-up time, they do not get involved to it is over in the Black Neighbor Hoods, especially ones like where the Fender incident happens. I grew up in California, the mess I see here is what it could have been like if we would have had a Police Force such as Chicago’s, sad, sad!

  4. About three million people live in Chicago compared to roughly 200,000 soldiers in Iraq. If the rate of murder were the same in Chicago as for soldiers in Iraq, there would have been an eye-popping 975 murders over the summer, since there are 15 Chicagoans for every US soldier in Iraq. Plus, how many civilians were killed in Iraq? More than 65, probably more than 125. So the whole thing is a completely inapt comparison.

    Homicide numbers for Chicago, and for most large cities, peaked in the early 1990s and have been declining ever since. Chicago hasn’t decreased as fast as New York City or Los Angeles, but compare 943 murders in 1992 with 435 in 2007. Of course Chicago will always have crime; it’s a big city with a violent history and plenty of social problems, but this angle is pure nonsense and, if intended as satire, not very funny either.

    Disagreeing with President Obama is fine, just as it was fine to disagree with President Bush, but all this yammering from alleged grownup people is a little tiresome. Of course, I still went and read it, didn’t I?

  5. Been to Chicago dozens of times and to Iraq exactly zero times, which will probably remain the case in the foreseeable future. I can’t claim first hand how it is in Baghdad or Mosul. However, if it’s so much safer there, you are free to emigrate. You claim the numbers didn’t lie but provide no data to refute the information I cited. I’m no slave to statistics; it’s possible those I provided are misleading in some way, just as yours in the original post were. Numbers never tell the entire story, but they’re not irrelevant either.
    And as for living in denial, AM NOT, AM NOT, AM NOT!!!

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