Ten Reasons NOT to Elect Barack Obama in 2008

The differences between John McCain and Barack Obama are stark, prompting me to offer links to audio and video clips below which combine to serve as the Top 10 Reasons Not to Elect Barack Obama president of the United States:

1. Obama wants to establish a civilian national security force and, in doing so, further enlarge the federal government. To find out why Cuba’s Fidel Castro calls him the more “advanced” presidential candidate, read this post at Babalu (Hat tip: Gateway Pundit).

2.  Obama wants to bankrupt the coal industry. At least, that’s what he told the San Francisco Chronicle. despite the fact that nearly half of the nation’s electricity is generated by coal.  Learn more about it at NewsBusters.

3.  Obama wants to drastically cut defense spending, research and capabilities while our enemies and potential adversaries continue their own efforts. Learn more about Obama’s military plans here and here.

4.  Obama stood by and did nothing while his colleagues in the Democrat-controlled Congress voted to throw hundreds of billions of dollars at the nation’s recent economic meltdown while not taking responsibility for what caused it. See Dems Defended Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac in ‘04 to learn more.

5.  Obama says his campaign is — and his administration will be — free of the influence of lobbyists.  If the Democratic National Convention was any indication, however, one has to conclude that he’s saying one thing but doing another.

6.  Obama promotes a culture of death by supporting so-called “pro-choice” legislation at every turn and counting Planned Parenthood as a strong and close ally. Learn more here.

7.  In his own voice and his own words, Obama reads from his memoir, Dreams From My Father, and expresses views that can only be viewed as hateful toward what he calls “white folks.”  Further, his wife Michelle plays the race card, too.

8.  Obama’s friends in the mainstream news media tout him as a “gifted orator,” but when he’s without his teleprompter, things look much different.  See examples here and here.

9.  Based on Obama’s error-filled knowledge of the United States (i.e., he said he had traveled to 57 states), many find it hard to believe Obama graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Law School and was elected a U.S. senator.

10.  Was it a gaffe or was it true?  During an appearance on ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulus, Obama admitted he’s a Muslim.

Please forward these Top 10 Reasons Not to Elect Barack Obama to as many people as you know ASAP so that we can prevent the most-liberal member fo the U.S. Senate from winning the White House (Reason #11).

* * *

See also:  ConservativeVoiceUSA cites the post above in a new video added to YouTube today.

6 thoughts on “Ten Reasons NOT to Elect Barack Obama in 2008

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  2. Anyone with half a brain would immediately decide after # 1, which is scary enough.

    God forbid. Imagine a civilian national security force full of Obama’s supporters. A total nightmare!

  3. Ok lets get started. McCain supported Freddie Mac, and Fannie May too. McCain is not qualified to run the war (Doesn’t know the difference between al qaeda and shiites. Thinks Pakistan and Iran share a border.) Obama is a muslim, so you don’t believe in freedom of speech? The guns and ammo thing, he can’t take your guns away and think anyway don’t be shooting your animals. And you will still have them to protect your family. One gaffe with 57 states? Big Whoops how many gaffes did Palin and McCain make? Road to nowhere leading up to where the the bridge to Nowhere would have started. She didn’t know what the Bush Doctrines were and couldn’t prove how she and McCain differed from Bush Administration.

    Personally I will always be happy Obama won and we have a real leader and not some dumbed down version of a government. Bush entered Iraq to finish what his Daddy couldn’t do.

    Pro-choice, if something is wrong with the mother and the baby is harming her then abortion is necessary. Would you like to have your wife die in a pregnancy and have the baby possibly die too?

    Long story to end this is a short summary about how you are all wrong and misinformed

    Glad Obama won,


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