Number of Chicago Murders in 2008 Tops U.S. Soldier Deaths in Iraq, But Media’s Not Reporting It

2008 Body Count:  Iraq vs. Chicago

2008 Body Count: Iraq vs. Chicago

Few Americans realize the number of people murdered in Chicago during 2008 was larger than the number of U.S. soldier deaths in Iraq during the same period.

In a Sept. 4 post, I noted an effort by Chicago’s CBS television affiliate to change that fact. CBS2Chicago broadcast a report that included an interesting stat — that is, the city’s 125 summer murders total nearly doubled the number of soldiers killed in Iraq during the same time period (65).  Unfortunately, they seemed to stand alone.

Two days ago, Associated Press had the opportunity to share the facts for comparison.  Unfortunately, they opted to publish a story containing only half of the story (i.e., that at least 314 U.S. soldiers died in Iraq during 2008, down from 904 in the previous year).

Yesterday, the folks at the Chicago Tribune had a similar chance.  Unfortunately, their article that appeared in yesterday’s edition also included only half of the story (i.e., that the Windy City closed 2008 with 509 homicides, an increase of about 15 percent over 2007).

Combine the two stories, and the whole 2008 picture — the picture unpainted by members of the media — is made clear:

  • 314 U.S. soldiers died in Iraq;
  • 509 people were murdered in Chicago.

You read about it here.

Hat tip:  NewsBusters

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Added 6/01/09: Seven Killed in Chicago During 24-Hour Period, While Six Killed in War Zones During Entire Week

23 thoughts on “Number of Chicago Murders in 2008 Tops U.S. Soldier Deaths in Iraq, But Media’s Not Reporting It

  1. It’s hard to get accurate statistics…American deaths are under reported in Iraq, while the US government doesn’t even bother to try and keep track of Iraqis who have died. A better comparison might be looking at the number of Chicago police officers who have died and the number of US soldiers who died in Iraq. Chicago is definitely less dangerous for civilians and law enforcement. As for which place is more corrupt…

  2. Fact: where libs are in charge with their gun restrictions and social engineering tax and spend welfare handouts, deaths from crime go up, taxes go up, quality of education goes down, business seeks greener pastures taking jobs with ‘em, and political/union corruption is rife. Chicago…New Orleans…Washington, DC….facts are facts.

    I’d feel safer with a platoon of US Marines in Iraq, then walking in many parts of those aforementioned US cities that liberals and progressives have ruined and bankrupted, fiscally and morally.

  3. It’s a typical – and disingenuous – aplles and oranges comparison.

    My fellow SSAMs in Iraq are well armed, have body armor, ride in armored vehicles, and have on-call air support.

    I seriously doubt that more than a couple of civilians in Chicago could make such a claim.

    Try a direct comparison; Chicago civilian deaths to Iraqi civilian deaths…then you may have a VALID and CREDIBLE comparison…rather than a slanted and baseless numbers exercise.

  4. Vito — The argument IS valid. You see, when people have the training and knowledge to defend themselves (i.e., concealed carry), they have less chance of becoming a statistic. We may disagree, but I thank you for your service. — USAF, 1985-91.

  5. Well Hot…we will have to ‘disagree’. Having a CCP/CCW is still no comparison when used to compare Chicago “civilian” homicides to SSAMs killed in Iraq.

    It’s like working with fractions – you’ve got to find the lowest common denominator.

    Comparing civilian deaths in a major US city to SSAM deaths in an active warzone makes unattainable denominators – and invalid comparisons.

    Maybe they could compare the Chicago civilian deaths (homicides) to the 6041 deaths among the Iraqi Security Forces and Iraqi civilians. It could be a bit more credible…and a far more honest comparison if the ISF numbers are removed.

    Btw…thank you for your service as well.

    US Army 1977 – 1999

  6. Indeed Vito.

    Incredibly, despite there being only 150,000 US troops in Iraq, they almost match the ENTIRE number of murders for the city of CHICAGO!!!!!!!!

    It just goes to show just how dangerous Iraq is.

  7. Are U.S. military not also Americans? So comparing American deaths in Iraq to American deaths in Chicago is not valid? I think everyone can draw their own conclusions from this stat; Chicago is more dangerouse to American lives than Iraq.

  8. Vito’s point is an obvious one. Why would one compare civilian deaths to military personnel deaths. One can compare the number of dead chicago police to the number of dead service personnel in iraq, to conclude that iraq is a more hazardous location to be serving duty. Bob’s point about 150,000 soldiers is also meaningless because chicago has 3 million people (10 million metro), so you have to multiply the 314 soldiers by a factor of at least 20, making Iraq a far more dangerous place than Chicago. Who would have thunk it.

  9. Oops, I misread Bob’s statement. He is making the same point as I. Namely that Iraq is more dangerous than the rich american city of chicago.

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  11. well the chicago media has reported it…

    but what nobody mentions is that there were more murders in chicago in 1928 than in 2008. both statistics are the result of failed prohibitionist policies, though.

  12. Dear Sir,
    In connection to your article on the number of deaths in 2008 did you know the most likely day of the week when murder happens? I have looked at four citites Philadelphia, Washington DC, Boston and San
    Francisco and found that Saturday or Sunday are the most likely days you can be killed. So far I have not been able to get the dates for all those Chicago killings which is much as these four cities combined. I have a degree in criminal Justice from John Jay College and woukd like to talk with you with some ideas I have for reducing
    the appaling 16,000 killings in 2008 which adds up to five World Trade Centers deaths

  13. I Like the underlying “Obama-chicago” comparison for your independent, “nothing any left winger does will ever satisfy me” study. NYC had about 523 that year. Detroit had the highest murder rate per capita. Its true, theres a reason why you dont catch this being reported on CNN…Its irrelevance. Go ask the families of those 314 if they give a shit how many people were killed in Chicago that year. Is this supposed to be your justification for the war? Or is it just a desperate attempt to draw attention away from the fact that 314 people died in one year for no reason. Im truly shocked that after this stat being revealed, thousands arent migrating from their dangerous cities to Iraq. I wonder why that is? I mean clearly as you people are arguing its much safer to be a civilian walking around in Iraq, and Afghanistan, than living in chicago, so why havent we seen plane tickets to the middle east skyrocketing? Perhaps its because theres a fucking war going on that has seen no real purpose or light at the tunnel since the beginning, and yet eight years later people are still pulling statistics out of their asses in an attempt to justify, or maybe just sugarcoat our presence there.

  14. I don’t think anyone is questioning the dangerousness of Iraq with these statistics … I think the real question being posed by these statistics is: “are we living in a warzone in our own US cities, too?”

    Having grown up on Chicago’s southside, I would answer to that, “yes.”

  15. I think it is better to compare the number of Iraqi citizen deaths with Chicago citizen deaths.

    1,366,350 Iraqis have died since the US invasion. That is more deaths than all American causalities of war (1,314,000). According to the FBI homicide statistics, the total number of homicide deaths in America each year is around 14,000.

    D.C. homicide rate dropped 25% from 2008 to 2009 after less strict gun laws. Maybe there is a correlation? But that does not explain Texas homicide rate, which is still higher than the national average. I do see a correlation with higher homicide rate and states with the death penalty.

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