Will Yellowstone Eruption Be Obama’s Katrina?

Tourists walk toward Quake Lake, formed in Northwest Montant after a 1959 earthquake (National Park Service Photo, 1960).

Tourists walk toward Quake Lake, formed in southwest Montana after a 1959 earthquake (National Park Service Photo, 1960).

With earthquake swarms rattling Yellowstone National Park, seismologists speculating about whether a mega-eruption is imminent and Wyoming residents raising tough questions about the danger of such an event in local newspapers, I can’t help but wonder why Barack Obama hasn’t told the American people how he’s going to save us from the carnage sure to follow the imminent volcanic eruption at Yellowstone.

Okay, perhaps “imminent” is too strong a word, but a review of three key facts leads me to conclude that now is the time for the president-elect to speak up and allay some fears:

  • Fact #1 — Some 500 earthquakes rattled the area around Yellowstone between Dec. 26 and Jan. 1.  Surely, 500 earthquakes — 16 of which exceeded magnitude 3.0 and 86 of which topped 2.0.
  • Fact #2 — In much the same manner as meteorologists predicted Hurricane Obama would strike the Gulf Coast in August 2005, Yellowstone-watching seismologists say such an eruption is probable if not imminent.
  • Fact #3 — In a letter to the editor published today in the Casper (Wyo.) Star-Tribune, Thomas James Bleming of Lusk, Wyo., asked a question that should have seized the attention of the Hope-and-Changer-in-Chief:  “Remember the debacle that unveiled a few years ago during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina that hit the Gulf Coast?”

Since winning the presidency two months ago, Obama has shared his views on several major issues, ranging from the ongoing economic crisis to the terror attacks in Mumbai.  Now, one must believe he wants to avoid the kind of criticism that has haunted President George W. Bush after the federal government’s response to Hurricane Katrina was viewed as inadequate at best and incompetent at worst.

Yes, now is the time, Mr. Obama.  It’s time for you to tell the American people how you will protect the nation from the carnage that’s certain to follow such a cataclysmic event.

8 thoughts on “Will Yellowstone Eruption Be Obama’s Katrina?

  1. Well, since I’m potentially within range of this alleged ELE event should it come to pass, I’ll tell you what Obama can do for me: exempt me from paying my taxes for ’08… After all, if it DOES go off, the IRS will have to fetch what they want from me out of the debris pile ;-)

  2. lets study the animals in the park they would know first by their instinct that something is off as the animals in the park are the closet lets start there lets look at the the caldra lake they are right on top of it if we do not find any then i ask why

    lets watch the temperature of that lake as well as the for bobbles bobbles are a really bad sign if any large amount of bobbles are seen run for the hills right then do not wait deadly gas

  3. I think if Yellowstone erupted, that would be it for the US. Nothing much Obama could do in that situation. The economy would be dead, millions would instantly die, half the country would be uninhabitable. There’d be riots and chaos for a LOONG time.

  4. Sorry but Fact #2 is just innacurate. The majority of the scientific community recognizes that there is in fact an active “Super Volcano” underneath Yellowstone. However, eruptions of Super Volcanoes occur only once in every 700,000 years, with a margin of about 100,000 years.
    Additionally, comparing the events of Katrina, to the death toll that will be the Yellowstone Eruption, is like comparing me shooting tin cans with friends in my backyard, to WWII. Absurd at best.
    I appreciate you trying to turn this into some kind of political argument, but the fact remains that an eruption of such magnitude, has not been seen in modern times, an adequately being able to prepare for such an event, is near impossible.

  5. umm… if that did happen it would be WAY worse than thousands of katrinas but, It probably won’t…

  6. Wait…they predicted Hurricane Obama would hit in 2005? How come I never heard of Obama until three years later when he ran for president? (See Fact #2)

    Hee hee!

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