GITMO Detainees Likely to Thank MLK, Allah

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If President Barack Obama succeeds in shutting down Guantanamo Bay Detention Facility within 12 months, he will be tempted to describe himself as an emancipator in the mold of Abraham Lincoln.  Unfortunately, as shown in the My Personal Litmus cartoon above, the terror suspects who will inevitably be released from “GITMO” as a result of Obama’s soft-on-terror approach are more likely to cite Martin Luther King Jr. and thank Allah as they celebrate their undeserved freedom.

One man who does not owe his freedom to Obama is Said Ali al-Shihri.

The New York Times reported yesterday that al-Shihri, a former detainee at the facility designed to house terror suspects, is now working against the West as a senior-ranking member of Al-Qaeda in Yemen.  That news arrived less than two years after he was released from GITMO and transferred to his native Saudi Arabia in 2007.

Makes one wonder how things will work out for the West.  After all, if people like al-Shihri are able to gain their freedom under the restrictions of a much-tougher Bush Administration, it should be relatively easy for those remaining in U.S. custody to gain their freedom under the Obama Administration.

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