Obama Has Yet to Fulfill Pledge of Transparency

It seems I’m on the same “sheet of music” with Mary Katherine Ham when it comes to recognizing President Barack Obama’s inability to fulfill his pledge of transparency:

  • In a Jan. 21 post, I pointed out the fact that, nearly 24 hours after the new president had delivered his inaugural speech, the text of his speech had not appeared on The White House Blog;
  • In a post five days later, I pointed out how a memo issued by President Obama Jan. 21 carries no weight of law and stands as an example of the 44th president’s failure to live up to his transparency pledge; and
  • In a post published the same day at The Weekly Standard Blog, Ham noted the White House’s failure to provide transcripts of daily press briefings in a timely manner as an example of the tech-savvy communications staff at the White House not living up to President Obama’s pledge of transparency.  She also compared the daily efficiency of the Bush Administration media team to the clunky approach exhibited by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and his folks.

When will the transparency begin?  Perhaps, only after people in the mainstream news media realize for the first time that Emperor Obama indeed has no clothes.

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