Missouri Governor Jay Nixon Accused of Harassing St. Louis Man Who Filed Sunshine Law Request

Uproar over a document (pdf) linking various right-wing organizations with the modern militia movement prompted the Missouri State Highway Patrol on Wednesday to cease distribution of the report prepared by its agency, the Missouri Information Analysis Center, according to an article published in the Southeast Missourian today.  If, however, you think the controversy is over, you are mistaken as good news is accompanied by bad.

The good news in the paragraph above comes only three days after Fox News published an article — which, by the way, included some of my comments — about the controversy which included portions of an interview I gave to FNC news editor Joshua Rhett Miller.

It’s tempered by some bad news delivered to me by Springfield, Mo.-area blogger Clay Bowler.

Bowler wrote and published a post today in which he outlines how the Missouri Political News Service web site today received an e-mail containing a copy of a letter in which St. Louis resident Josh Carter.  Carter had, under provisions of the state’s Sunshine Law, requested information related to the MIAC report and now believes he is being harassed by Gov. Jay Nixon (D-Mo.) and unspecified Missouri law enforcement officials as a result of his actions.

In a separate post, he draws attention to two somewhat-related matters: A Springfield (Mo.) News-Leader article about inconsistencies in Governor Nixon’s claim that Matt Blunt, his Republican predecessor in the governor’s mansion, is responsible for the anti-conservative rhetoric in the MIAC report; and his own efforts to obtain information — via the Sunshine Law — from the governor’s office.

While I do not know and have never met Carter or Bowler, I am familiar with Governor Nixon’s political track record; therefore, I will continue to track this story unless or until someone can prove the accusations against the governor are without merit.


11 thoughts on “Missouri Governor Jay Nixon Accused of Harassing St. Louis Man Who Filed Sunshine Law Request

  1. Thanks for the mention Bob. Really Missouri Political News Service and Chad Livengood deserve the any credit. I have been blogging about this story since my mom told me what was going on a few days before it went national, so I have been keeping close track to what is going on. I was interviewed by Dave Cantanese at KY3 and appeared on the opening story Monday night.

    When I read about Carter, I immediately called the Governor’s office to see what luck I had. Sometime during the day, the governor planned and executed his escape from all this, but I don’t plan on letting him escape easily. His stories conflict and he went from backing the report to claiming he never read it. BS!

    I spoke with Nikki this afternoon, and sent her an e-mail with my request and fax number. I hope to receive the documents tomorrow, but I have a feeling they will prolong it in hopes the story dies. Since the governor threw this out today, none of the documents should be closed documents, unless of course Nixon is as guilty as we know he is.

    The way I look at it, Nixon spent a lot of money on a witch hunt against Governor Blunt. Nixon took the easy way to the Govenor’s mansion, and he feels as crooked as his namesake. Something tells me the Sunshine Law doesn’t apply to Jay Nixon like it applied to Matt Blunt.

  2. I just got an e-mail back from Dave Cantanese at KY3. He may look more into the story some time next week. I will let you know if he decides to report on the story. He did say this has turned into a huge firestorm.

  3. Bob, not sure if you caught randy toblers show today, he had the guy on there, all i can say is WOW! this has to be a HUGE story. talk about abuse of power, kinda scary. the guy is not backing down, looking to file suit against the state. hope you can get more of the story as it evolves and get this one out everywhere bc we know the media will skip over this one.

  4. I caught Toblers show and if the guy is telling the truth Nixon should be impeached. If the guy is lying then he should face some charges. Either way we need to be imformed…Damn now I bet I m on the list lol

  5. I listened to this story the other day on Tobler’s show and have been looking all over for follow up info. It is not surprising that it is not being covered by the mainstream media, but I would expect the pajama media to be all over this. This story combined with the Obama truth squad during the ’08 election paint the picture of what this guy is really about.

  6. Hey Bob, good job on Tobler yesterday. Btw, I wasnt able to hear the whole show, did he ever touch on this topic, i know he was going to do a follow up and never did hear much after this. if this is true, this should be big news

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