‘WHY ME?’ Three Hard Drives Dead in 18 Months

On two previous occasions, I’ve shared with readers some of the struggles behind the scenes of Bob McCarty Writes. Today, I offer yet another — this one about my third hard drive failure in 18 months.

Rather than share the gory details in a made-for-blogging narrative, I’ll simply share the text of an e-mail exchange I had this morning with a brother-in-law who lives overseas:

I’m typing today on my son’s MacBook, one day after my second MacBook hard drive crash in a year.  The good news is that I received a new hard drive via FedEx this morning (less than 24 hours after my call to Apple).  The bad news is that I’m rapidly becoming less of a Mac fan.  In fact, I’m thinking of getting a WiFi-enabled cave wall through which I might communicate with the world.  Aaarrghh!!!

My brother-in-law replied as follows:


I hate to say it, but I have serious concerns over the reliability of my Mac’s… GASP!  ME!

In the past year I have:

Replaced the hard drive in my laptop.
Replaced the hard drive in my Mac Mini.
Replaced the hard drive in my Time Capsule.
Replaced the battery on your sister’s laptop.

The only thing that hasn’t needed the incredibly good service that Apple offers, is our Apple TV…whooptydoo.

Given your drive problems and mine, I think it’s fair to say Apple needs to step it up in the reliability department.  I’m disgusted & I feel your pain, brother.

Faithful-but-stressed Mac Addict.

What’s a blogger to do?  Perhaps, I’ll start working from the public library or move my family to a large metro area or someplace else where internet cafes are widely available.  Perhaps India?

* * *

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One thought on “‘WHY ME?’ Three Hard Drives Dead in 18 Months

  1. I don’t understand the whole Mac thing. I tried to convert once, and I was ready to throw the thing in the trash after the first two weeks.

    By the way, Jay Nixon’s office contacted me today. They provided no information.

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