Senator Inhofe Reviews Obama Defense Budget

Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, spoke on the Senate floor Monday, delivered a detailed review of the Obama administration’s proposed cuts to the Department of Defense budget Monday.  Below left is a video of his speech and, in italics below, is the text of the first three minutes of his speech:

“Mr. President, I come to the Senate floor today to speak out of great concern that we are heading down a dangerous road leading to the gutting of our military and settling for ‘adequacy’ versus ‘supremacy.’

“I first made my concerns known in a YouTube video posted from Afghanistan immediately following the announcement by the Obama administration.

“My concerns drew an interesting reaction from the left. Not only did they say I was wrong to say that there were proposed cuts to the budget, they actually said the Obama administration proposed to increase the budget. I must confess it is a rare day when liberals actually claim to support increasing our nation’s military. MSNBC was so outraged with my video that three of their prime time hosts took aim at my comments from Afghanistan in the very same night.

“MSNBC host Ed Schultz featured my video as part of his regular feature ‘psycho talk’ called my concerns “absolutely false” and said I was joining “Cheney and Giuliani to ‘make the case that America is less safe with President Obama.’

Keith Olbermann said I should ‘do the math’ and his guest, Speaker Pelosi, said my criticism of the Obama defense budget was simply ‘desperation’ and that we are going to spend more on defense in FY10 than we did in FY09.

“Not to be left out, Rachel Maddow repeated the same talking points and said once again the budget was actually going to increase. Then, she brought on guest Eugene Robinson, associate editor and columnist for the Washington Post who actually went as far as to say I was ‘making stuff up’ and ‘lying’

“The next day, CNN’s Rich Sanchez, claiming that he was doing a “fact check called my words ‘ridiculous,’ and brought on a liberal think tank policy wonk, who Sanchez repeatedly referred to as ‘moderate’ to defend his claims.

“The problem is the left is focused on ONE number…ONE piece of military spending when we need to look the total Defense Budget – what DoD actually spends on all its operations and how that money is used to maintain our military capabilities. In actuality, thanks to the Obama administration, overall defense spending has been cut by $10.7B in FY09 and will be cut again in FY10 based on projected inflation and potential use of what is being called ‘Overseas Contingency Funds.’ Perhaps this is the new term for our Global War on Terror.

“We have reached a crossroads where we will choose to either invest in the modernization and readiness of our military or mistakenly ‘kick the can down the road’ once more. Based on the projected defense budget for the next ten years, it looks like this administration is taking us down a path that leads to a weaker military that is poorly equipped.”

To read the remainder of Senator Inhofe’s floor speech yesterday, click here.

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