Was Morgan Hill Attack a ‘Dry Run’ by Terrorists?

Bruce Perens

Bruce Perens

It’s a must-read article for anyone serious about homeland security.*  “It,” in this case, is a post published today by Bruce Perens.  Notably, it includes an insightful analysis of a little-reported infrastructure attack that took place just after midnight April 9 in the Northern California city of Morgan Hill.

Though I won’t pretend to be as much of an expert as Perens is on this subject, I can’t help but attempt to fill the void he left in his 1,400-word piece by asking a simple question:

Was this event, like Northwest Flight 327 two years ago, a “dry run” by terrorists who simply wanted to see how local, state and federal officials would respond to such an event?

Stranger things have happened.  I encourage you to check out his piece here.

*Janet Napolitano not included.

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