Ronald Reagan Statue Dedicated in Statuary Hall

Ronald Reagan Photo with Quote“I know Ronnie would be deeply honored to see himself with a permanent home in the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol and very proud to be representing his beloved California. I’m so grateful to Californians for giving him this honor.

“Artist Chas Fagan has captured his likeness so well and I think the addition of the pieces of the Berlin Wall in the pedestal reflects my husband’s commitment to freedom and democracy for everyone.

“The unveiling of this statue is a wonderful way for the Reagan Foundation to kick off the centennial celebration of Ronnie’s birth and I hope Americans everywhere will join us as we observe his 100th birthday.”

– Statement issued by Mrs. Ronald Reagan this morning.

Note: As soon as a photo of the statue is available, I will add it to this post.

5 thoughts on “Ronald Reagan Statue Dedicated in Statuary Hall

  1. One day, America will have a wall to keep us from fleeing oppression if people don’t start waking up and realizing the truth in the lessons Ronald Reagan taught us–from taxes to freedom.

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