Obama Embraces Muslim Principle of Al-Takeyya

After hearing President Barack Obama’s address to the Muslim world from Cairo yesterday, I concluded that it matters little whether or not President Barack Obama calls himself a Christian or a Muslim.  What matters most is the fact that the nation’s 44th president appears to have embraced the Muslim principle of Al-Takeyya.

Barack Obama Caricature by Political GraffitiWhat is Al-Takeyya?  It’s the principle that allows Muslims to lie under certain circumstances without fear of punishment or retribution.

In an article published at Islam Review, former Muslim Abdullah Al Araby provides a great deal of information about how lying is condoned within Islam via Al-Takeyya.  Among other things, he writes the following:

Unfortunately, when dealing with Muslims, one must keep in mind that Muslims can communicate something with apparent sincerity, when in reality they may have just the opposite agenda in their hearts. Bluntly stated, Islam permits Muslims to lie anytime that they perceive that their own well-being, or that of Islam, is threatened.

In the case of President Obama, he appears to have used the umbrella of Al-Takeyya during his presidential campaign after sensing that his own well-being — or, more specifically, that of his campaign — would be threatened by any admission that his father was a Muslim or that his paternal grandmother, Sarah Obama, is a Muslim.

Fast forward to this week.

During a White House conference call with reporters prior to the president’s overseas trip, according to ABC News’ Jake Tapper and Susan Miller, Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communications Denis McDonough told reporters something that was wholly denied during the campaign — that the president’s biological father is a Muslim.  That contradicts earlier writings by Obama.  In his book, “Audacity of Hope,” Obama wrote, “although my father had been raised a Muslim, by the time he met my mother he was a confirmed atheist.”

Yesterday, World Net Daily‘s Aaron Klein dispelled the notion that “Grandma Obama” is a Christian.  Citing a Kenyan television channel report and a Dubai news report in his article, he reported that “Grandma Obama” was going to travel from her native Kenya to Mecca to perform Haj, the pilgrimage able-bodied Muslims are required to take at least once in their lifetime.

Klein’s report runs counter to an Associated Press article, Obama’s grandma slams ‘untruths’, published in USA TODAY March 5, 2008, in which Obama’s Kenyan grandmother was declared to be a Christian.  Strangely, that article remains unchanged on the USA TODAY web site, despite the fact that AP issued a correction, in which it was stated that “Grandma Obama” is a Muslim, six days later.  Stranger still, AP pulled that correction sometime later, leaving this page for all to see.

Is President Obama a Muslim?  Who cares.  Is he a liar?  Me thinks he is.

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