Jerusalem Post Publishes ‘Must-Read’ Editorial

Amidst serious post-election turmoil in Iran, President Barack Obama has been quoted during the last 24 hours as saying that the United States respects that country’s sovereignty.  It’s too bad he doesn’t care as much for the people of Israel.

Time for a new ally?

One person who has taken notice of President Obama’s apparent “cold shoulder” toward the Jewish State is Leon De Winter.  In an opinion piece published in the Jerusalem Post yesterday, the Dutch writer asks and answers a question about Israel’s relationship with the United States that should never have to be asked: Time for a new ally?

Published 10 days after President Obama delivered his historic speech to the Muslim world from Cairo, De Winter’s must-read piece begins this way:

US President Barack Obama’s Cairo speech was a historic event in many aspects. First of all it was remarkable that a Western leader felt legitimized to talk about Islamic truths, as if he were a Muslim theologian. Secondly, he approached the Israeli-Palestinian conflict even-handedly, as if the Jewish right to Israel and the Arab resistance to it have the same moral weight.

It ends this way:

Obama’s loyalties, and those of the majority of liberal American Jewry, don’t lie with Israel. So Israel needs to shop for another ally. In his offices in the Kremlin, Putin will receive its leaders with open arms, dark bread, marinated herring and some bottles of Stoli.

Stand with IsraelIn between, the piece is full of insightful commentary about President Obama deciding to “leave Israel in the cold, or better in the heat of a nuclear explosion,” about America now acting “as even-handedly to Israel as the European Union” and about liberal American Jewry arriving “at a historic point:  Just like Obama, it gave up on Israel.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you support Israel, read the rest of De Winter’s piece here, then share this post with others. Thanks in advance!

One thought on “Jerusalem Post Publishes ‘Must-Read’ Editorial

  1. A new Ally is indeed needed and it seems to me that Jerusalem Post by spreading the truth rather than vicious comments about Israel and the Jewish people will help a lot as far as the world’s opinion about Israel & the wars against it.
    The Post’s star Derfner is only one of the newspaper’s poisenous writers. Are writers with low IQ as Derfner really necessary?

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