Top 10 Observations About President Barack Obama’s Afghanistan War Strategy Speech

Following President Barack Obama’s a war strategy speech Tuesday night, myriad observations surfaced about the way forward for the United States military in Afghanistan.  Below are my Top Ten observations about that speech:

1) It took three months for President Obama to come up with this;

2) President Obama believes we can end a war successfully without winning;

3) President Obama failed to mention any intention of winning the war;

4) “Surging retreat” is the two-word phrase that best describes President Obama’s new war strategy;

5) All the Taliban and Al-Qaeda terrorists have to do is wait a couple of years until U.S. troops leave Afghanistan, and then they can march in and take over the country;

6) If President Obama managed the war in Afghanistan with as much vim and vigor as he did his presidential campaign, we would be be celebrating the one-year anniversary of “Victory in Afghanistan Day” Jan. 20, 2010;

7) The United States will likely spend more time prosecuting Navy SEALs for giving a murdering terrorist a bloody lip than it will executing battle plans in Afghanistan;

8) I no longer believe President Obama was born in Hawaii or Kenya.  Instead, I’m convinced he must have been born in France;

9) Any military recruiter who reaches his goal during the next two years deserves the Congressional Medal of Honor; and

10) Even as we speak, the helicopter landing pad on the roof of the U.S. embassy in Kabul is being painted.

Other ideas?  Share them via the comments section below. Thanks!

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