ABC Refuses to Identify NWA Incident as Terrorism (Update)

Two sentences contained in an ABC News article published today stand as proof that the network and its faux reporters are in denial when it comes to identifying terrorism and terrorists:

It is unclear how powerful the explosive could have been and what the man’s intentions were. Initial reports were that fireworks or firecrackers had gone off on the plane.

Though writers Richard Esposito and Scott Mayerowitz had already stated in the article’s second paragraph that they had learned the man said he was directed by Al-Qaeda to explode a small device in flight, over U.S. soil, they opted to include the sentences highlighted in blue above in the 11th paragraph of the article.  Also, please note the headline: Man Attempts to Set Off Explosives on Detroit-Bound Airplane (see screen-shot above).

There is nothing “unclear” about the man’s intentions — unless, that is, you’re a member of the mainstream news media, living in a state of denial much like the one in which President Barack Obama seems to live.  He was out to kill passengers aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 253 as it was en route to Detroit from Amsterdam.  ‘Nuff said.

UPDATE 12/25/09 at 7:19 p.m. Central: In an Associated Press article 40 minutes ago, Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.), identified the suspect as Abdul Mudallad Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab, a Nigerian.

UPDATE #2 12/26/09 at 9:25 a.m. Central: According to a new AP report this morning, the suspect’s name is different than reported by Representative King last night.  I made the correction in the update above.

4 thoughts on “ABC Refuses to Identify NWA Incident as Terrorism (Update)

  1. The White House is calling it an act of terrorism. For them to do that you know it must have been, they are so shy about even using the word. Or perhaps they think it will boost Obama’s ratings. Riding the GWB terrorist coattails???

    Merry Christmas Bob.

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