Glenn Beck Talks Unions, Health Plans, Socialists

I was so happy to see Glenn Beck talk about labor unions, “Cadillac Health Plans” and the socialists involved in each during his show today on Fox News Channel.  Why?  Because, two months ago, I captured a half-dozen liberal heavyweights talking about those very subjects on video.

Speaking before a crowd of ultra-liberal single-payer health care advocates attending the 2009 National Strategy Conference Nov. 14-15, I caught UAW International Union heavyweight Jerry Tucker talking about a “Lambourghini Health Plan” (See video below).

Next, I caught National Organization for Women President Terry O’Neill announcing her feminist, pro-abortion organization’s launch of a push for single-payer health care as an alternative to the bills floating about Congress at the time — bills single-payer advocates said did not go far enough toward placing government in charge of the nation’s health care system.  She’s featured in the next two videos.

As the only journalist to penetrate the meeting undiscovered, I found the conference chock-full of liberal ideology.

In addition to the speakers above, I caught Michael Lighty, the former national director of the Democratic Socialists of America, Tim Carpenter, executive director of Progressive Democrats of America, and two more ultra-liberals strategizing to take over one-sixth of the nation’s economy.

Click here to read all of my posts from the conference.  To read my Pajamas Media piece about the conference, click here.

4 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Talks Unions, Health Plans, Socialists

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  4. When we hear the word pirate, we tend to think of a tough seaman with a plumed hat, a shirt with ruffles, musketeer boots, and an ample belly covered by a bandoleer over a coat with tassels. Or else we imagine the figure of the English corsair of the sixteenth century captained by Francis Drake, Henry Morgan, or Captain Kidd. Without a doubt, these personages and their era represent the golden age of piracy in the Western world. That is until today, the most dangerous pirate to the middle class is Glenn Beck.

    For years the poor were employed and ruled and controled by the wealthy, people worked dusk till dawn seven days a week in dangerous working conditions and none of the poor ( there was no middle class in those days) knew what retirement was, back then everyone worked until they died. In the early 1900?s some of the first unions started to be born and demanded better working and living conditions through safety and higher wages, the poor began to experience for the first time what it was to work and earn a living wage and what saving money was like. The poor no longer had to spend every penny earned just to buy food and clothes. As the Unions grew stronger the wealthy business owners watched in horror as the poor workers morphed into the middle class and the money barrens lost control of the working people.

    Today the oligarchies of the 21 century have enlisted Glenn Beck, after all he is a patriot a real Paul Revere, to sound the call, telling everyone who will listen how bad unions are and how we need to get rid of them.

    Why? Because these same powerful money kings want to drive us back to the days when the ruling power belonged to a few wealthy people. They can’t regain control of the middle class, unless they have the power to cut wages in half, take away pensions and benefits and drive them back down to the poor state they were in before unions leveled the playing field.

    Oh, Beck doesn’t say it the way I am telling it, he slicks it up and puts a pretty dress and lipstick on it and calls the unions pigs and violent radicals, but what he really wants is to break all unions and send the middle class back into the dark ages.

    Why is he trying to pirate the middle class? Could the wealthy be paying Beck millions to brain wash the majority of the American people, who by the way can now afford a comfortable life because of the benefits of the Union.

    Oh, I hear a lot of you out there now, saying, “I have never belonged to a union and I make a great wage.” If I were you I would think again, it is because of the threat of a union that you make a good wage. Beck says the unions need to be wiped out. Will your Union be the next one to be broken by Beck’s blackboard and his loud microphone?

    Are you the American people going to allow this slick clean shaven Pirate to sail off in his expensive corsair with your freedoms and life as you know it??

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