Physicians Say Government ‘Never Will’ Understand

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More than 40 percent of physicians participating in a single-question online poll said they feel the U.S. government “never will” understand how declining reimbursement rates from Medicare negatively affect the care patients receive from their physicians.

According to a news release issued today by SERMO, the nation’s largest physician-only online community:

(1) Physicians fear reimbursements will continue to decline in the coming years, reducing patient access to physicians;

(2) Physicians are concerned that they will not be able to continue treating Medicare patients due to financial losses they incur from the program’s low reimbursement rates;

(3) Many physicians indicate they want to pursue a similar cash-only policy as the Mayo Clinic of Arizona has adopted (Note: Mayo began the year by announcing it plans to drop Medicare as a third-party payer for primary care in 2010 after reporting losses of $840 million from Medicare in 2009); and

(4) Physicians fear that the federal and state governments will attempt to force participation in the program by tying state licensure to Medicare/Medicaid acceptance and, say that, if forced to participate in a money-losing venture, they would seek alternative employment.

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5 thoughts on “Physicians Say Government ‘Never Will’ Understand

  1. I’m MEDICARE with TRICARE FOR LIFE. I have never seen my “primary care” physician, I see his nurse practioner or PA. My pulmonary doc will continue to see existing MEDICARE patients, but accept no new ones if Obamacare passes or the cuts to MEDICARE reimbursements go through. I recently had in-office surgery at a dermatologist’s office…done by a nurse. Never saw the doc. Welcome to socialized medicine, phase 1.

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  3. Crusader Joe makes an excellent point. Already and for several years, some physicians have been hiring nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants. Many patients don’t know the difference in those and in a physician, especially if the physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner is MALE. They assume they are doctors or are as qualified as doctors, to treat patients.

    This could NOT be further from the truth. The law is that these individuals must be supervised by a physician. The definition of that has long been lost in translation. Many offices have NO physician in them, or the physician is rarely there, which leaves the responsibility on the nurse practitioners to report to, or request support from, the physician when they have any questions.

    Way too many times patients are mis-diagnosed and mis-treated with wrong tests, wrong medications and courses of treatment. Patients suffer, doctors make more money this way, can have more patients pass through their offices, but the patients suffer.

    Most times these nurse practitioners and physician assistants have very little real experience and very little extra training. They are not equipped to do the same job as a physician.

    Notice to patients, insist on seeing the doctor.

  4. Hi every body
    I am here to question U.S.A Government How they refuse to let Foreign Medical Doctors come to work in U.S.A ?If because they think that those Physicians are bad educated i can say that they are wrong especially concerning physicians trained and educated in FRANCE ( Medical studies are one of the most serious in the World …) …If they are fear from terrorists the answet is very easy Doctors are in general are working out Human goals …
    U.S.A is very lucky if they authorize the coming of foreign Physicians already ready for work and service of U.S citizens …
    I Invite Mr OBAMA and his Government to review seriously this problem …Thanks for the good understanding
    Dr ELAYNI H.

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