7 thoughts on “Flight 93 Memorial Design Should Spark More Outrage Than New Missile Defense Agency Logo

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  2. There has been a concerted effort by a huge number of bloggers and othera, led by Alec Rawls of Error Theory. We have posted all the information including personal interviews etc. Go to the following link, look in the right side bar and you can read all the information. This is something that has been out there and a concerted effort in all forms of media to change.


  3. The story about the Flight 93 Memorial did make some news in 2005. Since then, the story has died down.


    I fail to understand why the outrage over the Flight 93 Memorial is so muted.

  4. It is quite simple.
    The person in the WHITE house is Muslim.
    He is a liar.
    He is anti American. He is thinking he is king. He is wanting socialism to flourish in this country.
    In real simple words.
    Socialism does not work. Want Proof?
    It is why we call it the FORMER USSR.

    Why would he want to punish his own kind? Why would he place blame on his own kind?
    He is not African American. He will not admit to being either. Get the picture?

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