Is State Dept Playing April Fools Joke on Israel? (Update)

Based on his actions and the statements he’s made since climbing onto the world stage three years ago, I’m convinced President Barack Obama would be happy to see Israel and all of its Jewish inhabitants disappear from the surface of the Earth.

Truth be told, his posture toward the Jewish State — minus out-and-out calls for Israel’s destruction — seems to mirror that of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.  Evidence of that can be found today, on April Fool’s Day of all days, on the U.S. Department of State web site — albeit in a virtual sort of way as shown on the short video below.

Visit the U.S. State Department web site featuring an “A-Z List of Country and Other Area Pages” and click on the letter “I” and then on the word “Israel”.  When you follow those steps, you land on a page where you’re greeted by the following message:  “We’re sorry. That page can’t be found and may have moved.”

Hat tip:  Atlas Shrugs

UPDATE 4/01/10 at 4:50 p.m. Central: Looks like they’ve fixed it.  Must have read this blog.

UPDATE 4/01/10 at 6 p.m. Central: See I Gladly Accept This Nomination, Mr. Sullivan.

UPDATE 4/01/10 at 7:09 p.m. Central: For all of the idiots people who demand evidence, proof, etc., I point you to Gateway Pundit’s latest about Obama’s treatment of All Things Israel.  Stick this in your pipe and smoke it!

32 thoughts on “Is State Dept Playing April Fools Joke on Israel? (Update)

  1. Pingback: » Links To Visit – 04/01/10 There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword, the other is by debt. John Adams

  2. There are so many that, if you’ve missed them all, you’re either too ignorant or too liberal to understand — and, perhaps, both. So I’m gonna pass at trying to educate you.

  3. Ok, if you won’t give all, I’ll ask for a specific one: please cite specific instances where Obama has argued that the Holocaust is a myth. This meets your criteria of being about the Isreali state, but not being an out and out call for Israel’s destruction.

    Here’s a quote from Ahmadinejad. Please point to the most analogous statement made by Obama.

    “They (Western powers) launched the myth of the Holocaust. They lied, they put on a show and then they support the Jews.”

  4. I’m not a liberal, but I’m smart enough to do my homework. So I went to the site and clicked through the links myself and got something different:

    I notice in your video and screen shots that you don’t show the URL. Why not? Until you prove otherwise I will assume you are being intentionally fraudulent with this post.

    Lying to people isn’t a good way to win them over to our side.

  5. Maybe just a few examples for those of us like dave and myself who are not as penetratingly intelligent and perceptive as yourself?

    Even one or two would do if that doesn’t disturb your armchair ” potatoe” status Bob.

    And I hesitate to ask, but is this posting an April Fool’s Joke? Hope So…

  6. Don’t put words in my mouth, JP. Consider how BHO has treated Bibi Netanyahu so badly, how he dines with PLO folks. ‘Nuff said!

  7. Yeah, just like Ahmadinejad.

    Do you guys lie awake at night just trying to think up new ways to be stupid?

  8. Isn’t the State Department glitch enough, Dave and Gavin? Obviously that’s proof that the President of the United States sincerely wishes the death of 7 million people. Q.E.D.!

  9. “President Obama’s Fiscal Year 2010 budget proposes $53.8 billion for appropriated international affairs’ programs. From that budget, $5.7 billion is appropriated for foreign military financing, military education, and peacekeeping operations. From $5.7 billion, $2.8 billion, almost 50% is appropriated for Israel.”

    Do you believe Ahmadinejad’s budget also sent Israel $2.8 billion for 2010?

    If not, does Obama sending billions of dollars to Israel—as opposed to refusing diplomatic recognition of Israel’s existence—also count as a difference in posture in your opinion?

    In addition, the recent issues between the US and Israel followed a presentation by Gen. David Petraeus about US challenges in the region, including the perception (among Arab countries) that the peace process had failed because the US cannot stand up to Israel. ADL criticized Petraeus for this, calling his conclusions “dangerous and counterproductive.”

    Does this mean Gen. Petraeus also shares a posture toward Israel with Ahmadinejad?

    At any rate, I’d very much like Barack Obama to adopt toward me the same posture he’s adopted toward Israel. His Administration can criticize me building settlements (I haven’t built settlements before, but I’d be happy to start) and in exchange I get $2.8 billion (plus another $3 billion in loan guarantees). Awesome!

  10. Sir, your hate is showing. Or you’re just pathetically stupid. I pick the former. Your hate for this President — a middle of the road pragmatist if there ever was one — is so extreme you latch onto
    crap lies in order to push your utter fail of an agenda. Patriot — not. POS with a keyboard — yes. Have a good day.

  11. >> You don’t know me. I don’t hate him. Instead, I love my country.<<

    Not as much as you love Israel, though. There's no other way to interpret your reaction toward the President and General Petraeus's reasonable refusal to support the most radical right-wing elements of Israeli politics.

  12. This is a DISGUSTING post, McCarty. Obama has done nothing that could remotely be construed to mean he wants Israel wiped off the map. NOTHING.

    The fact that you would say such a thing, and not provide ONE SHRED of evidence of your accusation proves nothing except that you are a worthless whore who doesn’t really love his country at all. Rest assured I will not be visiting this website again.

  13. McCarty — No, I don’t know you. But… You don’t love OUR country. You love your myopic view of OUR country. I’m a bit of a mixed bag politically,
    always had admiration for classic conservative positions defense wise (until Iraq), though leaned liberal socially, but I must say — as the right tilts further and further into butt crack of idiocy, fantasy and willfull stupidty, I’m ready to ditch any respect I might still have for those who currently call themselves conservative. Love of country has nothing to do with why you, and the rest of your sick ilk, do what you do. Loss of power and a raging at the inevitable death of your myopic world view, that’s what this is all about Bobby. Patriot — you’re not.

  14. I manage web servers. “We’re sorry. That page can’t be found and may have moved” is a standard error message, and it refers to the code for that particular page not being stored where expected. Usually the code is in a file with the wrong name or in the wrong directory (folder). This usually happens when someone was editing a page and didn’t finish cleaning up.

    Happens all the time. If you spend any time on the web, you’ve seen this message before. It just didn’t register before now.

  15. It is so sad to see a broken URL lead to an accusation that the President of the United States wants to wipe Isreal off the planet.

    These folks have really come unhinged.

  16. It wasn’t a broken URL. Then again, you probably don’t know what a URL is, so I’m wasting energy communicating with you.

  17. Bob, I’m a (small-l) libertarian who thinks that the existence of the State of Israel has been a beacon of hope for the Middle East’s predominantly repressive theocratic regimes. That said, your post is so far off base that you really ought to re-examine whether or not you understand anything about geopolitics, not to mention international relations. Do you honestly believe that the United States should back Israel, whether it is right or wrong? Further, do you believe the aggression Israel showed by plowing into Gaza was a great a noble cause, when they could have done exactly what they did recently — simply assassinating the elements they don’t like?

    Now, you mention that President Obama has treated “Bibi” poorly. I ask you, how has Netanyahu shown anything but disrespect for YOUR president? He has openly and willfully defied Obama. Now, you don’t have to agree with Obama’s stances (I often don’t), but to back a foreign leader over your own does not reflect well on your “America-first” stance.

    Your comparison between Obama and Ahmadinejad is both solipsistic and hyperbolic. Obama was popularly elected, for one. Moreover, let’s leave aside the fact that Obama has never given any indication whatsoever that he is gunning for Israel’s destruction; has the president ever, before or after his election, denied the Holocaust? Has he ever made intimations that Jewish people are worth less than Muslims (or Christians, or any other religion)? Perhaps most importantly, how has Obama not played the conservative card on Iran? A truly conservative stance hopes to stay out of foreign elections whilst simultaneously helping build the economies of those foreign governments with whom we DO get along through free, open trade. Isn’t that precisely what has been the stance of the Obama Administration’s State Department? Rather than the annoying and blustery rhetoric of the previous administration, Obama has stayed above the fray, choosing instead to keep mum on Iran while actually upping our trade with Israel.

    Finally, you say that you don’t hate the president; rather, you love your country. Okay, I’ll accept that. But I don’t exactly see how our relations with Israel affect that. I mean, obviously, our relations with all countries have some sway with political opinions. But it is a contradiction to say that you love YOUR country and, on the same blog, be so obsessed with someone ELSE’s. Unless you are abdicating your American citizenship for an Israeli one, in which case, I rescind this last paragraph.

  18. C’mon, dude, seriously, can’t you do any better than “Hogwash?” Don’t you have any opinions based in reality? If you do, I’m certain you can not only refute my claims; you can also convert me to your viewpoint.

  19. Like most of the current so-called conservatives, the faux-patriots, Mr. McCarty has NOTHING of value to offer. What he does have, and in abundance, is bucketfulls of bile, lies and whining posing as political thought. Effen children, he and his ilk are. Children that need to be sent to the corner for the good of the country. Sad to see the GOP willfully go along for this ride into ultimate irrelevancy.

  20. “Don’t you have any opinions based in reality?”

    Why even bother asking a question with such an obvious answer. I mean, seriously- look at this guy.

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