Clinton’s Waco Actions Render Claims of OKC Bombing Cover Up More Believable Than Ever

If President Bill Clinton was the man in charge of the federal government’s bungling of the standoff at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco 16 years ago, then claims about his involvement in a cover up of the Oklahoma City Bombing become more plausible.

The video above shows former Clinton advisor Dick Morris sharing details with Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity of a deal made between President Clinton and Attorney General Janet Reno related to the tragedy in Waco.  In short, according to Morris, Reno threatened Clinton by saying she would tell the world how he was in charge of the mishandling of events which resulted in the deaths of 82 Branch Davidians — including 20 children — and four federal agents at the Texas prairie compound of David Koresh and his followers.

The statements by Morris come seven months after I published four posts based on exclusive interviews with two people who suspect President Clinton engaged in a cover up of details about who, in addition to Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, was responsible for the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City two years to the day after the Waco siege began.

One of the people with whom I spoke was David P. Schippers, a man who served as chief investigative counsel during the Clinton Impeachment Hearings in the U.S. House of Representatives and in similar proceedings in the Senate.  Below is an excerpt from the Sept. 30 post in which I recounted my interview with the Chicago-based attorney:

I began the interview by asking Schippers why no one had pursued Hussain Al-Hussaini, the Iraqi native Davis identified in her book as the third terrorist who, along with Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, carried out the attack?

“My honest opinion is that the original shot was made by (President Bill) Clinton in 1995,” he explained.  “Remember, it was 1995, and he had lost the congress — both houses of Congress — and people were saying he would never get reelected, and his numbers were way the hell down.

“If he had had another attack against the United States, he would have had to act, and he didn’t do a damn thing on the first Twin Towers bombing,” he continued.  “Clinton said, ‘Let’s not overreact,’ and, at that time, we had the Department of Justice with (Janet) Reno in there who was completely politicized, and I think (Clinton) just decided we’re not going to do it.”

Schippers continued, “riding” a bipartisan train of thought.

“Now, why didn’t the (President George W.) Bush people do it?” he asked rhetorically.  “That’s the one that really bothered me.  We deliberately waited until Reno and that gang got out of the administration and then Bush came in.”

Unfortunately, no one ever bit on the information Schippers said a president could have used as a legitimate reason to invade Iraq, and he blames it on a pact between the Bushes and Clintons — something akin to the mutually-assured destruction mindset that prevailed during the Cold War between Russia and the United States.

The other person I interviewed was Jayna Davis, award-winning investigative reporter and author of The New York Times Best Seller about the OKC Bombing, “The Third Terrorist”.  In three posts published Sept. 28, I share details of the interview during which she broke her four-year silence with the media and spoke to me about the OKC Bombing video tapes the FBI refuses to release — most likely, because they will reveal that officials at the highest levels of government knew more than they let on.

File this under “Once Bitten, Twice Shy”.

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