Did John Wheeler III Know Too Much? (Update)

With the memory of Vince Foster, the former White House aide who supposedly committed suicide in 1993, stuck firmly in the recesses of my mind, I felt compelled to float a “trial balloon” by readers of this blog:  Did John Wheeler III Know Too Much?

Mental note: I know, I know! This trial balloon will probably go down in the annals of blogging history as the product of a conspiracy theorist’s mind run amok, but I wanted to make sure I put it out there just in case it turns out to be true.  So let’s move on.

During the first few days of 2011, reports of dead birds and fish have filled the news wires. On Monday, I used this post to share news of more than 100,000 dead fish being discovered in Franklin County, Ark., and more than 1,000 birds — some say as many as 5,000 — falling out of the sky above Beebe, Ark., 30 miles northeast of Little Rock. Today, I came across a report that 100 tons of dead fish washed up on Brazil’s shores.  Do these incidents represent an ecological anomaly or just a coincidence?  I don’t know.  But I digress.

At about the same time as the news from Brazil reached the U.S. via Drudge Report, I happened to catch Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney‘s appearance on Fox News Channel to talk about the mysterious death of his friend and fellow veteran, John “Jack” Wheeler, whose body was found in a landfill in Delaware yesterday.

McInerney, a retired Air Force general, told America Live host Megyn Kelly that Wheeler had worked for at least two U.S. presidents and played a key role in raising funds to construct the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C.  Most importantly, however, he said Wheeler was well known as a biological and chemical warfare expert, that he thinks Wheeler was the victim of a professional hit, and that the matter should be investigated by the FBI — which leads to the question that appears as the headline of this post (and more).

Did John Wheeler III know too much? About what? Something related to his field of expertise? And was the knowledge that got him killed somehow related to the aforementioned plethora of bird deaths and fish kills? An experiment? A test run? My questions all. Not the general’s. I’m just saying…

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UPDATE 1/4/11 at 4:27 p.m. Central: Add bats in Tucson to the mix.

UPDATE 1/4/11 at 6:41 p.m. Central: More birds in Kentucky.

UPDATE 1/11/11 at 12:51 p.m. Central: Fish wash up on Chicago lakefront.

UPDATE 1/16/11 at 6:43 p.m. Central: 200 dead cows found in Wisconsin field.

UPDATE 1/30/11 at 7:50 p.m. Central: Cattle deaths mystery solved.  Sweet (potatoes)!

UPDATE 2/20/11 at 9:34 p.m. Central: Wife says husband killed by hitman.

15 thoughts on “Did John Wheeler III Know Too Much? (Update)

  1. Pro hit? i think yes. Proof? he was an expert and currently working on cyber warfare projects. Many of our enemys have complained we have been wageing cyber warfare on them. Also recently the u.s has been “linked” to bombing in iran on important figures. Why could they not do the same to us? find a prominet figure who is a big name and easy to get. set a plan in motion to make a point. The point is look we can do it to. The thing i would like to know is did mr. wheeler have a concealed gun permit this might explain why if true they choose amtrack. it puts you in one spot for a good amount of time where your weapon must be checked and no one would report you gone for a while. This would give you time to extract info a grace period if you will. Just a thought. He deserves a deep look into this. he served our country his entire life.

  2. Conspiracy theory, what a neat rhetorical club. It just projects contempt prior to investigation. Hey, coast to coast folks. Remember the micro-biologist die-off around the turn of the century? World-wide. Hey! Bio-warfare EXPERT. Hmm?

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  4. I firmly believe John Wheeler was the victim of a professional hit. I read last night that no one has seen his wife for the past two weeks and that a package is on the front porch of their home that is addressed to her. Where is Mrs. Wheeler? And for the record, I believe this hit was the direct result of something Mr. Wheeler know and probably shared with his wife. And this knowledge was going to blow a huge hole in the Republican party establishment. Hence HE IS DEAD!

  5. Please, let’s not start down that partisan path. Maybe the military industrial complex? We don’t know. Just wait, Bob’s on it.

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    Mr. Wheeler was probably killed by Mossad and/or the Jews, with help from the inside.

    This is based on the following:

    1. His murder has all the sign of a highly professional operation. Man being drugged into insanity, killed secretly and then dumped openly. The killers left all the confusing clues, even planting the cellphone in the neighbor’s house!

    2. WHEELER last worked with Miter corporation and on the worm that affected Iran’s nuclear reactors. Miter has been rumored to be involved with 9/11 and has many Mossad agents. Wheeler worked closely with Mossad.

    3. Our US govt. has shown scant shock or interest at the death of such a top official, which is fishy. The FBI has refused to investigate his case. No Pentagon or top govt. official has expressed shock and promised to find the killer and bring them to justice–even though he was a top govt. official.

    4. The Jew York Times and other Jewish controlled media started making strange statements after his death. Instead of expressing shock (as would be normal), they started denigrating him and plant red herrings, such as his dispute with the neighbor. If he had such a a dispute with the neighbor, why is HE dead, not the neighbor? The US media lords (most of whom are Jewish) have probably received calls to denigrate the victim to keep the focus off the assassin. They thus appear to be on the side of the assassin (even though the assassin is not publicly yet known!). So the assassin must be Jewish or a Jewish-paid hit man.

    Wheeler may have found something really bad for the Jews and/or Israel, such as their involvement in 9/11, their manufacture of evidence against Iran, their involvement in fixing of cases against Obama, the presence of high-level Israeli spies, or his refusal to take part in more cyber-warfare against Iran, so they decided to get rid of him–with a nod from the FBI and the CIA.

  8. Check out Project Cloverleaf, the program behind the chemtrails worldwide. Poisons like barium and mercury are sprayed on a daily basis from NATO drone planes high up in the atmosphere. You can see them. This could have something to do with the dying of the animals. Word is that it’s a population control program at the hands of the New World Order group, which DOES exist. Google Bilderberger Group, if you haven’t already. Also Google HAARP, the military program to control weather and populations. It’s definitely something out of Black Ops..These are terrible times we live in.

  9. I want to know what John Wheeler and the Mitre Corporation, Ashley Turton with Progress Energy and Representative Gabrielle Gifford have to do with one another. The Birds, and fish and floods and everything else seems like a ploy to divert attention like we have seen many times. Am I FISHING or does something really smell like GARBAGE?

  10. This has all the characteristics of a professional killing. Wheeler was last seen around the Dupont Building. This could be a hit by big pharma.

  11. yes giffords and wheeler were killed, nothing is coincidence. and all the mass deaths of animals is a pre-trial run for what is going to be used on people, (population control) it is coming look at our economy and current world wide crisis’. the end is coming not because of prophecy but by man and a population that is too stupid now to protect itself.

  12. John Wheeler was killed by the Jews who control the White house and all USA government. When the Dem-jews control the White house and congress, you should not be surprised to see all kinds of murders,specially of Republicans.

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