‘Gas Strike’ Fueled by Emotion and Ignorance (Update)

This morning, I came across a Facebook event, titled “GAS STRIKE,” that nearly a half-million people have signed up to “attend” today.  Sadly, their effort — which involves boycotting gas stations for one day — is a misguided effort driven more by emotion and ignorance than common sense.

Oil companies produce the oil and make it available on the marketplace, but the price is set by the markets in much the same way as farmers accept the going rate for commodities such as corn and soybeans.

Americans who want “change” in the form of lower gas prices at the pump should stop venting their outrage against oil companies and the small business owners who operate gas stations and convenience stores across the nation.  After all, it didn’t work when tried June 19.  Instead, they should demand President Barack Obama and his underlings — a group that includes Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, Energy Secretary Dr. David Chu and everyone in the EPA — end their war of regulation and red tape that is preventing U.S. oil and natural gas companies from tapping domestic sources of energy.

No one but the Obama Administration is responsible for gasoline prices reaching $4 per gallon and higher. If Obama wants to improve the everyday lives of Americans via lower fuel prices, he needs to conduct business in a way that allows more drilling onshore and offshore so that we can actually reduce our dependence on foreign oil and keep 9.2 million Americans gainfully employed and contributing to the economy.

To learn more about how gas prices are set, read The Facts about Rising Gas Prices, an Energy Tomorrow blog post published yesterday.

If you need help paying for gasoline until the Obama Administration ends its war against “Big Oil,” buy a “Will work for fuel” t-shirt.

UPDATE 3/10/11 at 12:28 p.m. Central: Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) makes my point in a just-released video (below).  He even mentions Obama’s statement about skyrocketing electricity prices, a topic I covered in this Nov. 3, 2008, post.

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11 thoughts on “‘Gas Strike’ Fueled by Emotion and Ignorance (Update)

  1. Yet another ignorant blogger who has forgotten that gas prices were 4+dollars a gallon when Bush was president. Stop blaming everything on Obama

  2. You’re so wrong, zplay15. The difference is that Bush 43 did not try to kill the oil and natural gas industry. World events, not presidential actions, caused price spikes during Bush’s terms.

  3. Check this out
    The Bakken from North Dakota Montana into Canada has 500 billion barrels and new technology makes it available Also 1000 ft under Rocky Mountains is 2 TRILLION barrels.

    We should be paying 50 cents per gallon

  4. Drill here, drill now is moot! We have no rigs to drill with in the gulf any longer. Most of ours and those of other drilling companies are all on long term, multi-year deals outside the USA. These rigs are very expensive to move and to get into foreign countries, drillers and those that hire us are not going to move back until it is cost effective. There were a lot of rigs vacating the Gulf anyway because regulations were so onerous. they wanted so many mooring lines that there was little deck space left for the drill pipe. Many of the past administrations have been less than helpful this current one has been quite destructive. Until we see rage from citizens to correct this, we are in for a world of hurt.

  5. I laughed. You start out by saying that gas is a commodity and that the prices are determined by the markets (consumers), then you blame Obama for the recent increases (which are actually coming because of oil-company-raised concerns over unrest in Libya, from where we get ZERO PERCENT of our nation’s consumed oil). If it weren’t for government regulation, the oil companies would say “Oh, boy! People in most non-urban places NEED gas to go to work, the store, the doctor, etc. Let’s jack the price up since they have to buy it anyway!” At least the ones that aren’t COMPLETELY new to the world of business would.
    By all means, though, please ridicule me with more backwards logic, or maybe just delete my comment altogether.

  6. Bob… You are exactly correct with this one… keep needling the idiots with common sense !!! When gas lines extend around the block and electricity is only available for a couple of hours each day… maybe the nitwits will understand that we have been reduced to the level of an underdeveloped country and THEN they MIGHT “get it.” Since most have never experienced this they seem to insist on dragging those of us who have into the dark ages.

  7. We need to only look less than 100 miles west of STL to find the possible solution to our energy woes. The Callaway Nuclear plant is one of the main reasons we enjoy electric rates that are about 35% below the national average. Another plant there would keep more of our energy dollars in Missouri, not the mideast. A new plant would provide thousands of jobs for our ailing construction industry, many new good permanent jobs for Missourians that would run the plant, and would make Missouri an exporter of electrical energy. What a shame the stimulus money was wasted on pork when it could have jumpstarted an industry where we have always lead the world.

    “All the waste in a year from a nuclear power plant can be stored under a desk.”
    Ronald Reagan

  8. Steve, my God man, the middle east is catching on fire and Obama is slowing down our drillers. He should be opening everything up. When mid-east oil stops flowing our economy will grind to a halt. I would call that a matter of national priority wouldn’t you?

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  10. The boycott may be fueled bay emotion and ignorance, but so is your rant.

    If it works, awesome.
    If it doesn’t, at least our nation stood for something they believed in, as they should.

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