Black Protest Organizers Could Be Tea Partiers

When I examined the fine print on the flyer about the National & International Day of Action & Unity, I looked for a Tea Party logo but didn’t find one.  Still, I concluded, blacks organizing these protests could, with a little direction, qualify as Tea Partiers.

The fine print appeared below an ALL-CAPS BOLDFACE declaration:  WE WILL DEMONSTRATE AGAINST WAR IN LIBYA AND THESE URGENT AND PRESSING ISSUES. Listed as the “pressing issues” were the following:

Disunity, apathy, racism, violence, self-genocide, poor health and health care, self hatred, ignorance, mis-education, white supremacy, gang warfare, military aggression, police harassment and brutality, gentrification, economic underdevelopment, corruption in government, attacks on school systems, integration, disorganization, poverty, homelessness, lack of self-responsibility, no knowledge of our history, a conspiracy to destroy Black men, abuse of Black women, inadequate land and property ownership, economic exploitation, weak self defense and military force, uncle-tomism, neo-colonialism, imperialism and Zionism, neglect of our youth, blight in our communities, political weakness, corrupt politicians, unfair budget cuts, criminal injustice system, political prisoners, and many more.

With the exception of a few obvious entries, the issues listed above can be traced back to policies and programs advocated by Democratic Party politicians, labor unions and others on the far left of society.  For starters, no one who shares my world view thinks we should be fighting a war in Libya.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Issues like disunity, apathy, racism, poverty and homelessness were supposed to be things of the past once President Barack Obama took office.  Read any newspaper or online news publication, and you’ll find these issues haven’t gone away.  If anything, they’ve gotten worse.

Issues like abortion, rising unemployment and increasing crime rates can be traced back to a much-earlier time, to Democrat-sponsored legislation such as Roe v. Wade, to an overabundance of Democrat-sponsored entitlement and affirmative action programs, and to a gradual dumbing-down of the nation’s public education system.

Said to be taking place in cities around the country and, according to the flyer, around the world, I fully expect tomorrow’s protests to be portrayed by the mainstream media as an indication that policies advocated by Republicans and Conservatives during the last 50 years haven’t worked.

In reality, the protests should be portrayed as a seed that launches an influx of millions of black Americans into the Tea Party Movement. Black Americans who’ve reconsidered continuing their unholy alliance with Democrats and the Far Left and decided to join other blacks from every strata of society (e.g., Herman Cain, Lloyd Marcus, Kevin Jackson, the National Black Republican Association, et al).

Though not a Tea Party “official” myself, I’m certain I can speak for them when I say the Tea Party stands willing to welcome all blacks into their ranks.

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7 thoughts on “Black Protest Organizers Could Be Tea Partiers

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  2. You took the words right out of my mouth Bob. My African American brothers and sisters thank the Lord and remember your fathers’ suffering. Because your here in the USA. Have you seen the conditions in Africa?

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