Project Gunrunner Tied Directly to President Obama (Update)

In a Dec. 3, 2009, article about the announced resignation of Deputy Attorney General David Ogden, the Wall Street Journal’s Evan Perez wrote that Ogden hasn’t been identified with any major Justice Department policy initiatives.  Now that this C-SPAN video from March 24, 2009, is making the rounds anew, it appears Ogden’s name — and that of President Barack Obama — is going to be associated with one now.

That initiative — which could go down in the annals of presidential history as “Obama’s Watergate — goes by the name, “Operation Fast and Furious,” and it’s an offshoot of “Project Gunrunner.”

Ogden is shown in the video that resurfaced Friday as he addresses reporters at a Department of Justice briefing.

“The president has directed us to take action to fight these cartels,” Ogden begins, “and Attorney General Holder and I are taking several new and aggressive steps as part of the Administration’s comprehensive plan.”

He goes on to outline that plan, using the exact words below:

“DOJ’s Drug Enforcement Administration, which already has the  largest U.S. drug enforcement presence in Mexico with 11 offices in that country, is placing 16 new DEA positions in Southwest border field operations specifically to target Mexican trafficking and associated violence.”

“The DEA is also deploying four new mobile enforcement teams to specifically target Mexican methamphetamine trafficking, both along the border and in U.S. cities impacted by the cartels.”

“DOJ’s Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is increasing its efforts by adding 37 new employees in three new offices, using $10 million in Recovery Act funds and redeploying 100 personnel to the Southwest border in the next 45 days to fortify its Project Gunrunner which is aimed at disrupting arms trafficking between the United States and Mexico.”

“ATF is doubling its presence in Mexico itself, from five to nine personnel working with the Mexicans, specifically to facilitate gun-tracing activity which targets the illegal weapons and their sources in the United States.”

After watching this video, the reasons behind Ogden’s resignation after working for Attorney General Eric Holder for less than a year, appear seem clear:  He wanted to reduce his chances of becoming the “fall guy” for the Obama Administration after news of this doomed-from-the-start gun-running operation became public.  Nineteen months later, the “cat” that is Project Gunrunner is out of the proverbial bag:

Sen. Chuck Grassley: Guns in ATF sting tied to agent’s death (USA TODAY, 2/01/2011);

U.S. urged dealer to continue gun sales despite concerns, inquiry finds (Los Angeles Times, 4/15/2011);

Gun program deserves inquiry (San, 6/16/2011);

Acting ATF Director to Resign Over Sting (, 6/20/2011);

Another scandal that could take Obama down (World Net Daily, 7/9/2011); and

Issa, ATF Agent Warn of ATF Cover-up (, 7/11/2011).

Is there any room under the bus?

UPDATE 7/12/11 at 2:01 p.m. Central:  Cross-posted at Andrew Breitbart’s

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4 thoughts on “Project Gunrunner Tied Directly to President Obama (Update)

  1. Nineteen months later, the “cat” that is Project Gunrunner is out of the proverbial bag:

    Lets hope so. Ive got the feeling though that behind the fence the Legacy media is working hard to bury this in as deep a hole as they can.
    Look what they did to the people killed or maimed by the Islamist gone amoke on an American base.
    Shut up & shut down.

  2. Hamilton said it best”…My friends, your liberty is invaded! Have you thrown off the yolk of one tyrant to invest yourselves with that of another? Have you fought, bled and conquered for such a change? If you have–go–retire into silent obscurity, and kiss the rod that scourges you.” Hmm? I think that is true (in your face) grit.

  3. For Revnant Dream:

    The “cat” is not Project Gunrunner. That ORIGINAL entity was a “legal” operation, even if not Constitutional. The REAL “cat” is Operation Fast and Furious, among others. In F&F, BATFE directed gun dealers to sell weapons to suspected straw buyers, who then sold those weapons to FBI informants who used stimulus money for the purchase. These people then loaded the weapons on trucks to carry them into Mexico without having to worry about ICE inspectors, who were told to let the trucks go through.

    F&F is only ONE of the treasonous operations, and resulted in about 2000 guns being shipped to Mexico from the Phoenix area. Operation Castaway, run out of the BATFE Tampa Field Division, sent guns to Honduras with the assistance of the Brevard Country Sheriff’s Office, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, and the Miami-Dade Police Department. No numbers available yet for that effort, but there seems to be at least a THIRD operation out of Houston, name unknown, that ran another 3000 guns to Mexico!

    The stench is overwhelming. And while much of it emanates from FedPig (in this case, at least BATFE and FBI), there is a putrid smell coming from Local “Law Enforcement” as well…

  4. These crooked marxist vermin, Holder & Obama conspired together to perpetrate a false flag operation against the American People and run rifles into the hands of the murderous Mexican drug cartels, encouraging the ensuing slaughter of thousands of victims. And all this was done to create terrible murder and mayhem that the marxist Obama administration could then respond to by banning firearms that Americans are Constitutionally guaranteed the ability to possess.

    This is a criminal conspiracy staged by the Federal marxist tyrants against the good People of America! Those involved have violated their sacred oaths of Fidelity to the Constitution! This is an outrageous, impeachable offense and these cockroaches should be arrested immediately and all GO TO PRISON FOR THEIR REST OF THEIR MISERABLE LIVES!

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