Anonymous Call to New Animal Abuse Hotline Leads to Raid on Colorado Woman’s Rabbit Farm

Debe Bell will probably never forget Thursday, July 21. It was the day she found herself surrounded by people from her local law enforcement agency, and they weren’t there to help.

Unlike John Dollarhite of Nixa, Mo., and several magicians across the country who’ve been hounded and threatened with massive fines by agents from the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Bell had to go face to face with her hare-brained local sheriff.

An anonymous Crime Stoppers hotline tip led animal control officers from the Jefferson County (Colo.) Sheriff’s Office to descend upon Bell’s one-acre farm at about 10:30 that morning and, before the day was over, remove nearly 200 rabbits from the property.  The 59 year old was being accused of 24 misdemeanor charges of cruelty to animals, including charges that she somehow mistreated two meat rabbits already inside her freezer.  More on the hotline later.

Bell had purchased the 1.01-acre property 12 miles north of Denver nearly 40 years earlier with plans to raise as much livestock as she wanted.  After all, it was zoned for agricultural purposes (“A-2”) and had everything she needed, including a four-bedroom, tri-level home and a 600-square-foot barn.  It looked like a great place to raise a family.

About 15 years later, Bell formed Six Bells Farm Candle Company and Rabbitry as a licensed farm business.  Launched as an offshoot of a 4-H project via which she taught her four children how to take care of something other than themselves, it grew into an operation that involved raising more than a dozen varieties of rabbits, primarily for personal meat consumption but also for use in educating children — including kids involved in 4-H — and members of the general public nationwide.

As the years passed, Bell’s expertise and reputation grew alongside her rabbit farm.  Not only did she become president of the local Long’s Peak Rabbit Club, but she became known as the go-to “resource person” for 4-H kids in Colorado who were interested in rabbits.  Her reputation as a top expert when it comes to understanding and caring for rabbits spread throughout Colorado and across the United States.  But that was before the raid.

The Day of the Raid

When Bell, 59, woke to begin that day almost three weeks ago, she had no idea government agents would soon swoop down on her tiny farm and effectively put an end to the pursuit of happiness in which she had been engaged for more than 25 years.

An instructor and lab coordinator at Metropolitan State College in Denver, Bell was in Boulder doing research when she was interrupted around 1 p.m.

“My neighbor called and said, ‘They’re seizing your animals!  You need to get home!’” Bell recalled.

When Bell asked for more details, the neighbor explained that animal control officers and deputies from the sheriff’s office had arrived around 10:30 a.m. and were preparing to seize her rabbits.

About 45 minutes from home, Bell wrapped up her research as quickly as she could and drove home to find out more about who was taking her rabbits and why.  She wanted to save the rabbits, each of which she knew by name, breed, tattoo and sex.

Upon arriving home at about 1:40 p.m., she found the animal control officers being unreasonable and milling about on her property — without a search warrant.  The “salt in the wound” that the situation had become was the fact that the sheriff’s office officials were accompanied by volunteers from the local branch of the House Rabbit Society — a nationwide group comprised of people who, according to Bell, think rabbits need to be raised like small children.

Much “discussion” took place during the day and, when the animal control officers told Bell she had “too many animals for your zoning,” she begged to differ.

“No, you need to check your zoning regulations,” she told them.  “I moved in before you changed the zoning.  I can have as many animals as I want.  I have more than an acre.  I’m zoned A-2.”

Apparently stumped by her knowledge of the local zoning, she said they told her they would set the zoning issue aside.

When she told them her business was a livestock operation, they told her they disagreed and began to push the proverbial envelope.

Bell said one officer told her, “We found a dead rabbit,” and acted as if that was the “nail in the coffin” for his case.  She responded bluntly, saying, “Rabbits die” — a fact she learned while growing up in Central Texas, where everybody is aware of that fact.

That prompted the officer in charge to tell Bell her rabbits were going to be seized, spayed or neutered, and then put up for adoption.

“What for?”  Bell asked.

Instead of answering her directly, the officer responded to her question with one of his own.

“When was the last time you were in the barn?”

“This morning at 5 o’clock when I watered them,” Bell answered.

“Well, they have no water,” the officer countered.

“They’re fine,” Bell replied.  “They have a swamp cooler and three fans.”

What’s a swamp cooler?  According to Bell, it’s an air conditioning device that blows air over moist pads to lower temperatures in environments such as barns.  More on this later, too.

At that point, Bell said, the officers had been in her barn for more than three hours, had opened up the doors, messed with the barn’s water system and had, effectively, turned off the water to the swamp cooler.

When their often-heated conversation turned to the temperature inside the barn, Bell said she told the officer that her barn’s cooling system could not keep up if it had to air condition the back yard where the outdoor temperature was 94 degrees.  That prompted more than one officer to literally scream at her, saying, “It’s 84 degrees in there!”

“Yeah,” Bell replied, stunned that the officers were apparently concerned about rabbits suffering in 84-degree heat.

When the officer asked if she had any idea how many animals she had, she answered, “One-hundred sixty-three and probably 19 or 20 babies.”

Bell said she went a step further by telling the officer she could tell him the location of every animal in that barn.  In addition, she told him the cages were tagged, numbered and sexed — with either pink tape or blue tape on them — and that she knew each rabbit in that barn by name.

Though officers couldn’t have overlooked the fact that the rabbit enclosures were clean and the barn was equipped with cooling, fly-control and watering systems, Bell said they seemed intent on making sure she didn’t do anything crazy to get in their way.

Bell said she wasn’t allowed to move, was threatened with being arrested at least four times, could not go inside her barn and, if she wanted to go anywhere else, had to ask officers for permission.

When Bell told one of the four sheriff’s deputies on scene that she wasn’t comfortable with House Rabbit Society members being on her property, she said the deputy looked her in the eye and said, “It is what it is.”

Hoping to document her experience, Bell said she took three photos  — two of which appear above — of the area around her barn.  Soon after, she was told by a sheriff’s deputy, under threat of arrest, that she had better stop.

“They told me four, five or six times (that) they were taking the animals no matter what,” Bell said, noting that she pointed out to them several times that there was nothing wrong with the animals or the conditions in which they were living.

When an officer told Bell the rabbits were living in “deplorable conditions,” she told him he was wrong.

“They are not living in deplorable conditions,” she said.  “Their cages are clean.  The trays are underneath them.  We’re cleaning this weekend.”

Bell went on to explain to the officer that kids from the local 4-H organization who are involved in raising rabbits come out every weekend to help clean cages and do other things related to the care of the rabbits.

$24,000 Per Month*

Several times during the day, animal control officers approached Bell and asked her to sign the rabbits over to them.  When she asked what it was going to cost her if she didn’t, their reply stunned her.

“They said, ‘Five dollars a day per rabbit,’” Bell recalled, “and I said, ‘That’s $815 per day.  Take ‘em!  I can’t afford that.”

As a result of recently putting two boys through Colorado State University, Bell said, she told the officers she has a “mountain of debt” already and could not afford more than $24,000 per month — for a minimum of one month.  The entire herd of rabbits was worth only $17,000.

At approximately 4:30 p.m., Bell said, a sheriff’s deputy arrived with the long-awaited search warrant and, within a half hour, the assembled animal control officers and volunteers began hauling out the rabbits in an effort that lasted about four hours.

The ‘Official’ Story

When I contacted sheriff’s office spokesperson Mark Techmeyer by phone early Tuesday afternoon, he explained how an anonymous tip led to his agency obtaining a search warrant.

“They reacted on a Crime Stoppers tip and went out there, and they saw what they believed to be some issues,” Techmeyer said.  “Then they were able to take that information back to the judge and get a warrant issued.”

Thanks to a new Crime Stoppers program launched in June 2011, he said, individuals can call a statewide animal abuse hotline and, while remaining anonymous, can report cases of suspected animal abuse.

Rabbit Experts?

While I had him on the phone, I asked Techmeyer if any of the employees at the sheriff’s animal control division were rabbit experts, Techmeyer never answered the question.  Instead, he quibbled, saying, “That depends upon how you define ‘experts,’” and then changed the subject.

None of the animal control employees — or the volunteers accompanying them — knew much about rabbits, according to Bell.  In fact, she said the rabbits were severely mishandled during their removal.

For instance, 10-day-old babies “still in a nest box with their mommy” were wrapped in a towel and placed inside a cat crate and stood their mother on top of them.

“I looked at ‘em and I said, ‘You just issued a death sentence for those babies,’” Bell said, explaining that the mother would stomp the babies.

In response, the sheriff’s office employee said, “That’s their mom.  Why would she do that?”

“Because they’re rabbits,” Bell replied.

“They loaded them in cardboard boxes, put them in a horse trailer and hauled them off to the fairgrounds,” Bell said, “where they housed them in a concrete, non-air conditioned horse stall barn.”

In addition to being placed in a hot environment, Bell said, her rabbits were placed in dog and cat crates with solid-bottom floors, meaning, “The minute they urinate, they’re standing in their own urine.”

The Next Step

Asked what her next step might be, Bell said her attorney, Elizabeth Kearney of Burthoud, Colo., has written several letters on her behalf, trying to get a meeting with Scott Storey, the district attorney for Jefferson and Gilpin Counties, but “keeps hitting brick walls.”

“They don’t want to return her calls,” she said.  “They don’t want to talk to her.”

In addition, Bell said, sheriff’s office officials will not provide any information to Bell about the condition of her rabbits and will not allow her veterinarian of nearly 25 years to examine them.

Why might that be?  Bell thinks she knows the answer.

“I think, honestly, they dug themselves a deep hole,” she said, “and they don’t quite know how to crawl out of it.”

“They’ve destroyed me emotionally, socially and professionally,” Bell said, listing numerous ways in which local animal rights activists have publicized information about the case in an effort to make her and her four children — all adults who haven’t lived under her roof for several years — look bad.  But that’s not all.

“They’ve made 4-H kids all across Colorado just sob,” she said, “because I am their 4-H connection.”

Bell noted that 12 of the seized rabbits belong to 4-H kids who were planning to show them at upcoming fairs — two at the Jefferson County Fair that begins Thursday and the remaining 10 at the Colorado State Fair which runs from Aug. 26 to Sept. 5 in Pueblo.

Rabbit raisers in Colorado are so scared they might suffer the same fate as Six Bells Farm, Bell said, that many are not going to show their animals at the Colorado State Fair.  The shortage of participants at this year’s Small Animals Show is so severe that officials extended the deadline for entry and, in order to prevent animal rights activists from collecting the names of rabbit owners, officials are planning to not display the names of rabbit owners alongside their rabbits.

“I would hope the entire United States would get involved in this,” Bell said, “because this is a group of people that have gotten away with this crap once or twice and they’re just continuing.

“Because they’ve been given the power erroneously once, they’re taking it more and more,” she continued, “and they’re gonna chase farmers out.”

Closing thought for the day:  Bell said she learned through a third party familiar with her case that the people caring for the displaced rabbits at the fairgrounds eventually bought a cooling device to improve the rabbits’ living conditions at the fairgrounds.  What did they buy?  You guessed it!  A swamp cooler.

More to come.

UPDATE 8/10/11 at 10:17 p.m. Central:  An animal rights troll who is no longer allowed to post comments on this site claims that a CBS Denver news report shows animals with matted fur, etc.  Of course, she’s wrong.  The report does not show any animals in poor condition.  Instead, it only shows spokesman Techmeyer using words to paint a picture of abuse.  Watch it here if you must.

UPDATE 8/11/11 at 8:25 a.m. Central:  Cross-posted at Andrew Breitbart’s

UPDATE 8/12/11 at 9:07 a.m. Central:  I’ve been advised that a legal defense fund has been established to help Debe Bell.  You can make a donation on PayPal ( or you can send a check to the address below:

Responsible Animal Owners Defense Trust
c/o Joyce Holliday
PO Box 1287
Berthoud, CO 80513

UPDATE 8/13/11 at 7:57 a.m. Central:  Denver Media Outlets Fail to Cover Multitude of Juicy Stories Behind Recent Rabbit Farm Raid

*UPDATE 8/13/11 at 5:51 p.m. Central:  In speaking with Debe Bell last night, I learned that the Sheriff has already begun giving away the rabbits.  Why?  Because she signed away her rights to them in order to avoid paying $24,000 per month (one-month minimum) — as mentioned in the story above — for their care and feeding while the matter was adjudicated.

UPDATE 8/13/11 at 7:02 p.m. Central: Denver Post Coverage of Rabbit Raiser Takes 180.

UPDATE 8/14 11 at 8:30 a.m. Central:  Foothills Animal Shelter will soon start adopting out Debe Bell’s rabbits, according to this announcement.

UPDATE 8/18/11 at 8 p.m. Central: The Denver Post reported this afternoon that the Foothills Animal Shelter has halted adoptions of nearly 200 rabbits seized from an Arvada home last month after the rabbits’ owner filed an emergency motion in court.

UPDATE 2/1/12 at 3:05 p.m. Central:  Deb Bell found guilty on 35 counts of animal abuse targeting rabbits.

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36 thoughts on “Anonymous Call to New Animal Abuse Hotline Leads to Raid on Colorado Woman’s Rabbit Farm

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  2. Rabbits, lemonade stands, girl scout cookies, SWAT raids for delinquent education loans, smoking in public…the nanny state snuck up on us and is slapping us around like a throw away stuffed animal (of course in the future you will be arrested for harming/terrorizing a stuffed animal).

    When is America going to wake up and take her back from the elitists and political criminals?

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  4. Animal Welfare Vs. Animal Rights
    Animal Welfare proponents are concerned with the health, safety, quality of life and the future of domestic and wild animals.

    Animal Rights proponents view animal ownership as slavery and seek to destroy all domesticated gene pools by whatever means necessary. The most effect way to accomplish this is through legislation. Animal Activists will use lawmakers to pass prohibitive laws that control animal owners through taxation, regulation and extremely restrictive mandates. Some specific laws pushed by animal rights activists are mandatory spay neuter (goal reduce the number of animals born until that number is zero), breed specific legislation (goal outlaw one breed at a time), dangerous dog laws (goal make owning a certain breed so costly or erroneous to be prohibitive), outrageous mandates on animal care (goal make owning an animal too costly or impossible), and mandating extreme costs for appeal for animal neglect or cruelty charges (goal making an appeal even in a wrongly convicted individual impossible). The ultimate goal of these laws are not the welfare of domesticated animals but the total elimination of them.

    Animal Rights means NO animals left!

    The animal rights movement sees the ownership of animals as slavery. This includes animals as pets, service dogs, ranch animals, farm animals or police service dogs. When you embrace the animal rights philosophy you must by definition become Vegan. A vegan would not eat meat, milk, cheese or eggs nor will they use leather, wool or silk. You cannot use pesticides or composts of animal products or wastes. There would be no fishing, no hunting, no zoos, rodeos or horses to ride. Even the tires on your care are made from animal products and could not be used.

    Activists use a method of legislative theory called “incrementalism”. This means passing small inconsequential laws such as requiring larger cages and then coming back in a year or two and requiring more and more space until it becomes cost prohibitive to own or breed an animal for companionship or food purposes. The goal is NO animal agriculture. This is currently happening across our country with poultry and pig farmers.

    Our food and companion animals are not the only target of animal activists. They would like to destroy all animal medical research even those preformed on lab rats. I believe most Americans would gladly sacrifice a rat, rabbit, pig or monkey if it meant we would save one of our family members. Not killing them without care or purpose but with compassion and the understanding that the sacrifice is for the greater good. However, the animal rights agenda claims this is simply not necessary. If it meant saving the life of your child with a pig heart valve the sacrifice seems small but to the animal activist you are committing murder.

    The animal rights movement is not looking for thoughtful debate or fact based science to validate their cause. The leaders of the movement depend on your complacency “That is too radical and it can not happen,” and your apathy “I don’t care what they think.” When you are not informed on your country, state and city legislative initiatives it is very easy for the activists to get their agenda’s passed.

    Be aware, research the laws and vote to protect an agrarian and rural lifestyle.
    Learn more:

  5. Bob,

    I have been following your writing regarding the farms and farmers that have been harassed by government agents.

    I wanted to let you know that you are doing an amazing job.

    I wrote about this on my site and hope it gets a few more sets of eyes on your site.

    You’re doing great work. Keep it up.

  6. This infuriates me beyond the ability to express myself without cussing, so I will end here.
    How can we help this woman. I am so sick of these “Animal Rites” elite and PETA.

  7. This is, let’s call it what it is. It’s worse than a “nanny state” and these are not mere elitists.

    This is now a tyranny and these bastards doing the will of the “House Rabbit Society” and their sick ilk are not public servants, they are the jackbooted thugs of that tyranny, with their boots on our necks.

    In the meantime, while innocent rabbit owners are treated like gangsters, with no real due process of law, flash mob gangs are springing up in the cities and doing violence to people. Ah, much safer and easier to use law enforcement to come down hard on the unpasteurized milk purveyors, the rabbit raisers and elderly church-lady pie sellers, and especially those dastardly, criminal lemonade kids.


    This is a tyranny fast going beyond what King George’s troops did at this rate.

  8. I too had to calm down before I wrote. Not just the animal rights gang, all government is winning a war of attrition for power against our liberties. Slowly over time we loose more and more. The founders for saw this and limited government with a constitution. Doesn’t seem to be working does it? First they came for the rabbit owners, I owned no rabbits so I did nothing. Etc. No seriously, its here. A knock at the door and two officers and a G-man go through your house to check your house for illegal activity. You think it can’t happen????? Home land security Don’t ya know
    I fear that freedom loving patriots need to organize (works for the unions) because an unorganized team can’t beet one that is! Thanks again Bob for your service.


  10. This is just awful. I feel so bad for the Bells. These people that came in and stole her rabbits should be put in jail. I raised rabbits my whole young life some 50+ at a time some for meat and most for show. Sounds like she did absolutly nothing wrong.

  11. I do hope that every politician thinks about the stand that they do or do not take for their people. This may come back & bite them at election time. Their lack of care for their constitutents needs to be attached to their campaign and spoken often. They seem to forget that there is a constitution that they have sworn to uphold. They certainly don’t want their rights dismissed. They need to remember that… NO FARM, NO FOOD.

  12. Sounds like the House Rabbit Society is acting like domestic terrorists. They have literally made people too frightened to participate in the state fair. And fair officials have basically responded by trying to protect them from these terrorists by granting a little bit of anonymity. Nice gesture, but it would be better to just stop them cold so people wouldn’t have to be afraid in the first place.

    Clearly her constitutional rights have been violated. Besides the search and seizure issue, she’s been deprived of property without any due process of law. There was law enforcement negligence in that they allowed others to trespass on her property against her express wishes. I’m not quite sure what to call that, but even if they had a warrant or ‘reasonable suspicion’ or whatnot, I don’t see how they can allow civilians to trespass.

    An aggressive attorney might be able to prosecute the above, and sue the agents who took them for cruelty to animals under the same animal cruelty statute, and sue them for the monetary loss of her property, including the value of the next several generations of rabbits yet to be born.

    There’s also opportunity for numerous libel and slander lawsuits. I Am Not A Lawyer, but I plan to chip in to her defense fund. I hope this can be fought and won in the courts, and in the press.

    Vegans who don’t want animals on farms are ignorant at best. Vegetables grow better when fertilized by animals. Get rid of animals from the farm, and you’re going to be that much more dependent on expensive petroleum based fertilizers.

  13. Oh my! This is utterly deplorable! This sheriff and his or her deputies would probably have been quite “at home” working for the Third Reicht”! My guess is they have pictures of Gestopo hanging in their offices. To add more insults to the matter, Debe was warned not to take photographs of her own animals for visual proof ! Is that not an act of supressing potential evidence for her defence? Sheriff, the people you are serving should hang their heads in shame for having such ambulatory feces such as yourself and your henchmen in office.

  14. Colorado has a long history of being in the pocket of animal rights groups. There have been a string of such sesures and raids that were not legally backed when they were started, and like this case the legal ppwk showes up after the situation begins. Many of the laws are not remotely founded in any science, and the government doesn’t really care. There is some speculation that groups like PETA are getting their people into offices and pushing their thoughts and beliefs on the general public.

  15. This brings up some other questions, what is the Colorado Farm Bureau doing to help her, has anyone contacted the Colorado Attorney General’s office? They have a dept. that oversees local law enforcement agencys for just this type of legal abuse. What are her state congress people saying or doing to help her. How about the ACLU? Sounds like her civil liberties were violated…She should be getting help from these people and organizations .

    Then she needs to sue the crap out of all of the individuals and organizations involved in this travesty!

  16. I have no words, only rage.

    It’s 84 IN.MY.*HOUSE*!


    Acually, maybe I DO have some words:

    Sic Semper Tyrannis!
    Si vis pacem, para bellum!
    Molon labe!

  17. “I fear that freedom loving patriots need to organize (works for the unions) because an unorganized team can’t beet one that is!”

    It’s called the Tea Party, they already have some organization or you can start your own “Patriots Union”. This fight is more than just getting the right (no pun intended) people in office.

    “They need to remember that… NO FARM, NO FOOD.”

    YOU need to remember that if they control the food they control the populace. I beleive it was Stalin that put that into practice.

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  19. If I were not such a moral person, I’d get the names of the officers and call Child Protective Services on them. Anonymously.

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  21. Are any tea party’s coming to Bell’s aid? I hope so she doesn’t have time to wait for the political process!

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  28. Your news story is further promulgated with more fun contact information appended for the convenience of the readers.

    If the House Rabbit Society people have more email and phone calls to manage, they might have less time for raiding people’s farms.

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  31. Start a”Livestock Farmers Legal Defence Fund” Farm Coops and Aggie Organizations should consider establishing legal defence funds and/or group legal insurance programs for their members. This would give victims of “Animal Rights Nazis” an opportunity to fight back.

  32. Bob,
    We’ll need follow-ups on this story if possible. I saw it at Breitbart. This is a very bad sign. I’d like more in the future on this. THANKS for GREAT work!

  33. People are outrage because this Bell women had her means to slaughter rabbits ended and “mistreated” in the process? Well , they are right. She and the people who are outrage should be “farm” like those rabbits and let’s see if they will be grateful for the officer’s raid. We can survive without rabbit meat people! And don’t call it farming unless you are growing crops. Have you no compassion, mercy and empathy for another lives but your own!

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