Ohio Republican Congressman Has Cops Seize Cameras From Constituents at Town Hall Meeting

Apparently, U.S. Rep. Steve Chabot and members of his staff failed to read my May 27 post, Photographers’ Rights for Citizen Journalists.  If they had, they would never have tried to scam constituents in Ohio’s 1st Congressional District by having a police officer confiscate their video cameras for trying to record a public meeting with an elected official in a public place.  The videos below tell the sad story of this establishment Republican’s latest town hall meeting.

Regardless of whether the people filming were Democrats or Republicans matters none when it comes to the freedom of photographing public officials in public places. Here’s the second video:

Hat tip:  InfoWars via Drudge Report.

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6 thoughts on “Ohio Republican Congressman Has Cops Seize Cameras From Constituents at Town Hall Meeting

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  2. That’s pretty crappy. I feel sorry for the cop too, although he probably will know better next time.

  3. The Declaration warns “…when a long train of abuses …reduces them under absolute despotism…” Isn’t that what we just saw?

  4. The way I see it, the only people that should be able to film and report on events are properly licensed government reporters and news stations. We cannot allow the cattle to see how meat is made, it would ruin us and make things more difficult. What? You think that the Police are here to protect you, how sweet, now mooooove along cows, mooooove along.

  5. One would have figured this would have happened with a democrud….but then one can’t differentiate between either of the corrupt corporate political parties, now can they?

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