Prospective Book Titles That Ended Up in the Trash Heap

In a piece published almost five months ago, I offered an explanation about how I arrived at the title of my latest book, THE CLAPPER MEMO. In the space below, I share two of the title possibilities that ended up in my editorial trash heap and explain why they remain there today.

TCM Graphic 2-17-13In THE CLAPPER MEMO, I devote a great deal of attention to the flawed vetting process that has led to hundreds of American and Coalition Forces casualties at the hands of their so-called “allies” wearing uniforms of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan; therefore, I considered using GREEN-ON-BLUES as the title, because “Green-on-Blue” was the label given attacks committed by Afghans against their foreign trainers and mentors, most of whom have been Americans. I’m glad I opted against that title, though, since military leaders opted in August 2012 to play semantics and start using “Insider Attack” to describe such incidents.

At one time, I even considered using the title, The Polygraph Conspiracy, but opted against it. Why? Because the facts and information I uncovered during my exhaustive four-year investigation turned out to be much more solid than anything a conspiracy theorist might devise. One of those “solid” items eventually earned a spot in the title of THE CLAPPER MEMO.

Studied to Death was another title option. It paid homage to the ease in which one could connect the dots between numerous flawed, government-funded academic studies highlighted in the book and hundreds of Green-on-Blue/Insider Attack casualties that have resulted from Department of Defense leaders’ decisions based on the studies’ findings. I opted against that title, because I believed the people at the top of the DoD “food chain” deserved to stand in the spotlight the cover of a controversial book provides.

As the title, THE CLAPPER MEMO, clearly shows, I decided to give James R. Clapper Jr., the former Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence now serving as Director of National Intelligence (i.e., our nation’s top intelligence official), the title role for being the man who issued the memo that was the first key document I obtained during my investigation.

Fortunately for me, DNI Clapper seems to be generating headlines on a daily, if not hourly, basis, and most of them do not paint him, his colleagues in the Intelligence Community or the Obama Administration as a whole in a good light. I would, of course, trade all of the interest generated by those headlines for a return to “normal” in the country I love.

THE CLAPPER MEMO is available in paperback and ebook versions at Amazon.

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