For years, I’ve toiled online, using my journalism training — and, sometimes, my sense of humor — to report news most of the major media outlets ignored. As I approach the eighth anniversary of my online presence, I’ve decided to give my online presence a boost and change directions in a substantial way — that is, I’m moving away from writing on a daily basis on these pages. I’ve been considering giving my social media accounts some attention since I feel that they have been neglected. I’ve heard about how sites like Growthoid.com can massively help with this to hopefully boost my following.

Above: Butters shows his keyboarding skills.

Above: Butters shows his keyboarding skills.

I recently read an article on utahunited.org which gives tips on how to create a strong, productive online presence and it inspired me to make some changes. With help from Butters, my office assistant (shown above), I’ll continue to churn out books I think you’ll enjoy reading. To keep up to date about what’s new with me, I hope you’ll follow me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and whatever else comes down the social networking pipeline.

I’ve seen a significant difference in the number of followers that I’ve had since turning to these social media and networking platforms. To be honest, I wasn’t really concerned about how many followers I had at the beginning, but it’s always nice to see that people are actually interested in what you have to say. Due to my success on Facebook and Twitter (if you can call it that), I think it’s about time that I branch out onto other platforms. If anything, it will give me the opportunity to connect and interact with even more people.

I think I might give Instagram a go next, but I’ve heard that this platform can be a tough nut to crack. Apparently, it can be hard to increase your followers, and it may even take you a while to reach a significant number. It’s beginning to make sense. When people told me that they were looking for the best instagram growth service for their account, I didn’t think much of it and I thought it was normal, but it seems that people enlist the help of one when they want the chance to grow and expand their online presence to even more people from around the world. Some even use services similar to Taskant that help find the correct hashtag to promote their account and extend their online presence even more. It’s actually quite a good idea and could come in very useful, especially if you have your own brand. I don’t really mind about how many followers I have, so I’m just going to sit here and watch it all play out in front of my eyes.

But I won’t. Instead, I’ll simply hope you remain patient and point you to my Amazon Author Page until we see a fix. Thanks for your patience!


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  1. Kelly Hickman

    Bob, we’ll keep following you no matter what. This has to be frustrating for you. We, too, are suspicious of who might be behind this. God bless and safely keep you and your family.


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