Documents Raise Serious Questions As New Oklahoma City Bombing Trial Takes Place in Federal Court in Utah

Two weeks after sharing news about allegations of witness tampering by the FBI, the defendant in an Oklahoma City Bombing trial that began July 28 in Salt Lake City, I offer an update in advance of a hearing scheduled to take place in federal court Monday.

NOTE: Before moving forward, it’s advisable to watch the video above in which Trentadue outlines his legal effort up to September 2012.

My update comes in the form of five exhibits entered into the record by attorney Jesse Trentadue, a man whose quest to find out why his brother, Kenneth Trentadue, was killed in federal custody has led him on a quest to obtain copies of surveillance camera video shot in downtown Oklahoma City during the moments before hell broke loose at 9:02 a.m. April 19, 1995.

The FBI has repeatedly said they do not have copies of videotapes recorded prior to the explosion that killed 168 and injured countless others. Trentadue, however, produced documents revealing FBI officials did, indeed, possess the tapes. Interestingly, the trial that began in federal court July 28 is, essentially, a challenge to the FBI’s failure to respond to Trentadue’s Freedom of Information Act request via which he has sought the pre-explosion videotapes he believes show another suspect–a man once referred to as “John Doe 2.”

Click image above to read other OKC Bombing-related articles.

Click image above to read other OKC Bombing-related articles.

Rather than interpret everything in the latest trial documents I obtained, I’ll let you do some of the heavy lifting and read the documents as they are described in a reply to the FBI’s attempt to cancel an Aug. 25, 2014, hearing [FYI: While footnotes do not appear in the brief descriptions below, they do appear in the actual documents when you download them]:

Exhibit 1: FBI 302 in OKBOMB Case, dated August 13, 1996, reporting that David Michael Alexander Hollaway had flown German National Andreas Carl Strassmeir “back to Berlin, Germany after the Oklahoma City bombing.”

EXHIBIT 2: FBI 302 in OKBOMB Case, dated February 7, 1997, documenting CIA having provided the FBI with results of its review of CIA records with respect to Andreas Carl Strassmeir having “worked for or been affiliated with” the CIA.

EXHIBIT 3: FBI 302 in OKBOMB Case, dated February 25, 1997, documenting David Hollaway’s history as a former CIA pilot, and Hollaway “having spoken to TIMOTHY MC VEIGH on the telephone two days before the detonation of a truck bomb outside the Oklahoma city Federal Building.”

EXHIBIT 4: Plaintiff’s December 19, 2006, FOIA request to the CIA for records on Andreas Carl Strassmeir’s possible involvement in the bombing of the Oklahoma City Murrah Federal Building as well as records on Strassmeir’s role and/or activities as an informant, agent or operative, including working for the German government, FBI or others.

EXHIBIT 5: August 21, 2009, Declaration of Martha M. Lutz, CIA Information Review Officer, essentially denying in paragraph 21 of that Declaration Plaintiff’s FOIA request for Strassmeir’s records on the basis of National Security, and “because the existence or on-existence of a CIA clandestine intelligence interest in a specific foreign national is itself a fact that is currently and properly classified at the SECRET level.”

Stay tuned for future updates about the Oklahoma City Bombing trial in Salt Lake City as they occur.

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