Halloween Flashback: A Teachable Moment from 2008

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Today, I share an updated version of a post I published for the first time Oct. 24, 2008, describing what Halloween 2009 would be like for American children if Barack Obama became the nation’s 44th president. Little did I know, things would turn out worse that anyone could have anticipated. Please read and share.


I’m not a big fan of Halloween, but I have some advice for those of you who expect to allow your children to take part in the ritual of trick-or-treating. Use the five guidelines listed below and allow the 2014 version of the costume- and candy-intensive holiday to serve as a teachable moment about socialism and about “spreading the wealth around” in the manner touted so often by candidate-turned-President Barack Obama:

1.  Tell your child he cannot eat any of the candy he collects and will, instead, have to take all of it to the Democrat or Socialist Party office nearest his home (wipe tears);

2.  Tell your child he will have to turn over his bags full of candy to the government-authorized agents who, while working in concert with the aforementioned parties, will also record his name, Social Security number and contact information for future use (wipe tears);

3.  Tell your child he will have to wait 12 weeks for the government-authorized agents to count all of the candy he collected and repackage it for equal-share redistribution among all children in their community (wipe tears);

4.  Tell your child that, within 12 weeks, he should expect to be provided instructions as to how he might be able to pick up a his fair and equal share of the treats he collected after the government-authorized agents finish counting all of the collected collected candies (wipe tears) [Note: Because aforementioned agents are products of Common Core teaching, counting may take longer than 12 weeks.]; and

5.  Tell your child that the scenario above offers a glimpse of what the future in the United States will look like if socialism is allowed to flourish (wipe tears for last time) and that he can keep his children from having to experience such pain by voting for — and by encouraging others to vote for — Big-C Conservatives whose values line up with those of this country’s founders and the framers of the U.S. Constitution.

Please vote wisely Tuesday and in 2016.

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Click on image above to order Bob’s books.

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