CIA Torture Report Might Be Moot Issue If Not for Clapper

If only people like Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr. had not worked so hard to ban the use of our most-effective interrogation technology, the use of the words “CIA interrogation techniques” and “torture” in the same sentence would likely not be making headlines around the world today.

Click image above to order a copy of The Clapper Memo.

Click image above to order a copy of The Clapper Memo.

Instead, members of the national and international news media are in a tizzy about the long-awaited and much-anticipated release Tuesday of a CIA report on interrogation techniques used on suspected al-Qaeda detainees held in secret facilities in Europe and Asia in the years after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Many Washington power brokers believe the report will spur attacks against American interests.

In my second nonfiction book, The Clapper Memo, I reveal never-before-published details about interrogations conducted by Defense Intelligence Agency officials at Guantanamo Bay during the early days of the so-called “Global War On Terror.” In addition, I share details from my exclusive interviews with the men who used this highly-effective technology to interrogate members of Saddam Hussein’s inner circle (a.k.a., “The Deck of Cards”) as well as hundreds of al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorists and other detainees at locations around the world.

I also share details of how elite military and intelligence warfighters offered effuse praise for the technology — even after Clapper worked so hard to ban its use by Defense Department personnel while he was serving as Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence.

Learn more about this interrogation technology and how it, unlike waterboarding and other torture techniques, is touch-free and pain-free for those undergoing interrogations while producing superior results for interrogators.

Learn more about the reasons why, during a five-year period, members of our nation’s elite Special Forces units ignored no fewer than three Pentagon directives to stop using it.

Read some of the high-profile endorsements of the book.

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Click on image above to order Bob's books.

Click on image above to order Bob’s books.

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