Bob McCarty’s Weekly Recap: Dec. 21-27

I like to think I emphasized quality instead of quantity during the week of Christmas 2014. That in mind, I share highlights of the past seven days at below:

This January 2014 photo shows Butters, my office assistant, looking into his porcelain bowl in an effort to predict how the year might turn out.

This January 2014 photo shows Butters, my office assistant, looking into his porcelain bowl in an effort to predict how the year might turn out. I shared it in a post Dec. 23. To read it, click on the image above.

Sunday, Dec. 21 — Distracted by family obligations, I posted nothing at this day. It gets better below, I promise!

Monday, Dec. 22 — While spending most of my day working on my next book, I did share some good news about my just-released crime fiction novel. Read about it under the self-explanatory headline, The National Bet Receives Two 5-Star Reviews.

Tuesday, Dec. 23 — Under the headline, 2014 ‘Most Unusual Year I’ve Experienced’ Online, I explained what it was that made my eighth year online dramatically different than the previous seven.

Wednesday, Dec. 24 — Because I’m married to a flight attendant, I’m accustomed to being flexible around the holidays. This year, as we had during each of the previous nine, we celebrated Christmas a day early to accommodate her schedule. As a result, I focused on family and food instead of fodder for this website.

Thursday, Dec. 25 — After a Washington Post article about the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta caught my eye Christmas Eve, I shared details about how the CDC fits into the mystery inside my just-released crime-fiction novel, The National Bet.  Some of those details appear under the headline, Error-Prone CDC Figures Prominently in New Fiction Novel.

Friday, Dec. 26 — Recent news about the al-Shabaab terror group reminded me of the action in the opening chapter of The National Bet, so I shared an excerpt in a post under the headline, Africa-Based Terror Group Plays Part in New Fiction Tale. Later the same day under the headline, Top Intel Official Gets Away With Lies for 53 Weeks (so far), I reminded readers that Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper Jr. had gotten away with lying to Congress for more than a year thanks to inaction by soon-to-depart Attorney General Eric Holder. I ended the day with humor. Finally, after coming across a 2016 presidential straw poll at, I thought it might be fun to ask my online friends to enter my name as a write-in candidate — so I did ask! Details at Author Asks for Your Presidential Straw Poll Write-In Vote.

Saturday, Dec. 27 — I ended the week with a look back at a shoddy act of journalism that took place two years ago. You can read it where it appears under the headline, Flashback: Stars and Stripes Reporter Fails To Do Her Job.

The remainder of the year will probably be as slow as the past week, so I recommend you get your fix of Bob McCarty by ordering copies of my books. Details about how to do that appear below.

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Click on image above to order Bob's books.

Click on image above to order Bob’s books.

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