Oklahoma City Bombing Trial Wraps Up in Salt Lake City

For years, I’ve covered the Oklahoma City Bombing trial taking place in a Salt Lake City federal court. Now, according to a Salt Lake City television report, the case has reached its end, and Judge Clark Waddoups’ ruling is expected by the end of the year.

For the best summary of what the case is about, read my Aug. 24, 2014, post, Documents Raise Serious Questions As New Oklahoma City Bombing Trial Takes Place in Federal Court in Utah, which includes a chilling one-hour video of attorney Jesse Trentadue explaining his quest.

Links to three of my recent posts, related to the witness tampering and contempt allegations mentioned in the video above, appear below:

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Oklahoma City Bombing Trial Judge Asked to Appoint Special Master to Investigate Allegations of FBI Witness Tampering; and

Judge Threatens FBI With Contempt as 2014 Oklahoma City Bombing Trial Continues in Salt Lake City Federal Court.

Click image above to read other OKC Bombing-related articles.

Click image above to read other OKC Bombing-related articles.

As soon as I’m able to speak with Trentadue about the case again, I’ll provide an update.

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