3 thoughts on “Why Innocent People Confess to Crimes; Scientific Study Supports Findings of Nonfiction Book, The Clapper Memo

  1. Ron English

    Bob, I once knew a man who read many of the popular men’t adventure magazines of that time and he absorbed the stories and imagined he was the hero or character in the stories. I listened to him tell several stories that had the ring of truth. I asked a friend of his about those stories and he told me of his addiction to the adventure stories and how he (in his mind) became the characters and imagined he experienced those adventures. This might be something that you have observed, too.

  2. Johnny Aandelen

    Its very weird why people do this but its been proven before. People start doubting themselves if under enough pressure. This can be group pressure but also pressure by authority. Thats why we always need to be careful how we act to suspects.


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