16 thoughts on “New Weldon Spring Cancer Report Due Out Early 2016

  1. Felicia C. Harris

    I was in the Army Reserves from 1984-1991. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on March 1, 2007. My unit would pull Field Duty in Weldson Springs, MO at least 4 times a year. Please inform me on what I can do to find out if my Cancer could have been related to being in that area.

    Thank you

  2. Tyreesa Sims

    Hello ,my name is Tyreesa Sims , I attended high school at Francis Howell High School from 1983-1985 , in 2010 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer . I was wanting to find out if my cancer was related to the contamination in Weldon Springs. Thank You

  3. khristine wadley

    Hello my name is khristine(robbins)wadley,I attended Francis Howell high school 1981-1984,in 2009 I was diagnosed with a 5 pound tumor and 2010 with rectal cancer,I was wanting to find out if my cancer was related to the contamination in Weldon Springs. Thank You

    1. admin Post author

      Sorry, but I’m not qualified to answer your question. Perhaps the state health department and/or your doctor might be able to assist you.

  4. mom

    I am also very curious of this situation… my son attended Francis Howell. He was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma in 1995 and passed away in 1998. Sometime in 1999(?) a women reporter w/Post published a story regarding the Weldon Springs area cancer report. I tried to contact her but she was no longer available, Cottleville parish had a reported several cases of various blood disorders in the grade school. My sons cancer doctor, through MO Cancer Care, added his name to a class action claim, knowing no money was associated but maybe could be an asset to others.

  5. John Martin

    I attended FHHS 1963 to 1967 . My 4 siblings also attended between 1962 and 1973. My sister died of cancer earlier this year. Me and my 3 brothers were Scouts and camped at Lost Valley just below the Monsanto plant. We played sports after school and ran Cross country thru Busch Wildlife area. Please let me know how to investigate this further.

  6. Sharon Myers

    Sir, I read your article with a lump in my heart. My two son’s both attended Francis Howell High School and both had cancer, My oldest leukemia, and the youngest Hodgkins Disease followed one year later by Thyroid cancer. Mike was only fifteen at the time and, has since had two heart attacks and, a heart full of stints, from the radiation to his chest. Allen the oldest had two brain bleeds and has left sided damage. He has lost most of the coordination in his left hand and leg, has had two foot drop surgeries, a gall bladder , neck fusion, and multiple bouts of kidney stones all chemo related. I guess we should count ourselves as lucky at least they are both alive. I tried to get information out of Francis Howell, but they have a wall of attorneys around them. So, to say the least your article really hit home. Thank you for digging and, letting people know that they can’t keep on covering this issue up. Gratefully yours Sharon Myers, St. Peters, Mo 63376

  7. Holly

    Hello, both my parents have had breast cancer with one bout of skin cancer too…grew up in O’Fallon & Cottleville. My father, 78 years old, worked construction at Weldon Springs, & I believe he is the only worker from that time still alive! Feel free to contact me if you could use more information…

  8. Jackie Owens

    My older sister attended FHHS from 1963-1967
    She has had 3 boughts of brest cancer starting at age 39
    My younger sister attended FHHS from 1973-1977
    Died from leukemia at age 39

  9. Les Cassady

    My Father managed Busch Wildlife Area and our family lived there many years. My daughter Sarah Cassady was diagnosed with monocytic leukemia at age 2 and died 2 weeks after her 3rd birthday.

  10. Don

    Went to Francis Howell 1978 to 1982, roamed the weldon area water works plant, fished busch wildlife as well.
    Had Melanoma removed from leg in 2012, have friends diagnosed with cancer that went to Francis Howell…

  11. Kathleen La Mora Campbell

    I have had breast cancer and several of my friends that went to Howell in the ’70’s are fighting cancer now! I have always wondered if it was because I went to high school there from 1972-1977, because we also went to junior high there back then .

  12. Cindy Kielty

    My son worked on the big mound built to bury the radioactive material. At that time he passed out and was rushed to SSM in St. Charles and was diagnosed with an enlarged heart ( in his 20’s at the time). He died of a massive heart attack in 2009 due to enlarged heart and 3 main arteries blocked at 90% at the age of 35. I, and one of my brothers, attended FHJHS & HS 1961-1968. We were both in the band which always performed at the uranium plant for United Fund. I toured the plant as a physics student. Every time we left we were checked with Geiger counters. One of my classmates, Karen Battiger, does of spinal cancer in 1968. My brother and I and both of my sons spent time at Lost Valley for various scouting and church events. My brother ran cross country. We all, as well as my parents, spent much time in Busch Wildlife since the 1950’s. Back in the 1980′ s I had a doctor that was part of a task force studying cancers related to that plant and the water tables of the area. He felt it was a serious problem. When I was in Jr High in the old barracks buildings the uranium ore trucks rolled down 94 with no covers and dust from the ore blowing everywhere; even into the open windows of the classrooms. Thought nothing of it at that time. How can I keep up to date on what is learned? I really believe my son’s death was related to excessive exposure to radioactivity.
    Cindy Kielty

  13. Linda Modesitt Shivley

    I attended Francis Howell high school in1976 to 1980. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011. I have lived in 63376 area since the age of 11 and still do. Please tell me what to do about this and include me in all the new research. Linda M.

  14. William

    I attended Francis Howell Junior High and High School from 1966 to 1971. In the last 17 years I’ve had three forms of cancer: testicular, thyroid and prostate.

  15. Michael Kimball

    Francis Howell Weldon Springs Mo 1968 to 1974. I have had two skin cancer tumors removed. I also have Crohns . Drank the water and showered after gym class for 6 years. Use to hunt south of school around that concrete tower was. I remember seeing glowing green yellow puddles on the ground. I ate the animals that were hunted. As well as the fish caught at Busch Wildlife Area. Also drank from weldon Spring. Im 62 years old.


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