Bob McCarty’s Weekly Recap: Jan. 25-31

My recap for the week of Jan. 25 offers looks at a wide variety of topics — some of them radioactive!  Hope you enjoy and share what you find at!

On Jan. 25, I found a check — dated Sept. 14, 1970, and payable to yours truly that appears to have never been cashed — and decided to look up the bank online to see if I might be able to cash it today.  I was astounded by what I discovered. Details in my post, Author Finds Uncashed Check in Box of Memories!

I found this check while rummaging through a box of old photos recently acquired from my parents.

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As an author who recently spoke to law enforcement investigators from around the world about my second nonfiction book, I was intrigued by the findings of a recent scientific study about why innocent people confess to crimes. Read about it in my Jan. 26 post, Why Innocent People Confess to Crimes; Scientific Study Supports Findings of Nonfiction Book, The Clapper Memo.

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On Jan. 27, I shared a link on my Facebook page to an article about former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko who is thought to have been poisoned with polonium-210 on Oct. 16 and Nov. 1, 2006. Along with that link, I wrote, “This reminds me of something I read — after I wrote it, that is — in my just-released crime-fiction novel, The National Bet.”

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Twenty-nine years ago this week, I was a young Air Force second lieutenant attending the Public Affairs Officer Course at the Defense Information School, then located at Fort Benjamin Harrison in Indianapolis. During a break from morning classes, I gathered with a dozen or so of my classmates from the Army, Navy and Marine Corps in front of a breakroom television to watch the Space Shuttle Challenger launch. I share more details about that day in my Jan. 28 post, Challenger Disaster Recalled 29 Years Later.

This photograph of the space shuttle Challenger accident Jan. 28, 1986, was taken by a 70mm tracking camera at UCS 15 south of Pad 39B, at 11:39:16.795 EST. (NASA photo)

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After reading about Andrew Sullivan informing his readers about his decision “to stop blogging in the near future,” I felt obligated to offer him a belated “thank you” for the sarcastic honor he conferred upon me a few years back. Find out why I thanked him in my Jan. 28 post, Former Blogger Offers Sarcastic ‘Thank You’ to Sullivan.

McCarty Hewitt Nomination 4-01-2010

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On Jan. 29, I offered a look back at a subject to which Americans should pay attention as the 2016 swings into gear. Details appear under the headline, FLASHBACK 2009: Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ Reviewed.

Saul Alinsky 'Rules for Radicals' Rule 13

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Also on Jan. 29, my attention was drawn to news about the Malaysian government declaring the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 an “accident. On my Facebook page, I wrote:

No worries. It was simply an accident. Barely a month ago at, I couldn’t help but try to draw connections between Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-370 that disappeared in March and a second Malaysia-owned jetliner that also disappeared. Do you believe MH-370 was an accident? Do you think there’s a connection between the two incidents?

The last item worth noting about Jan. 29 is the fact that I went to see the film, American Sniper, at a theater. Upon returning from that experience, I had a Facebook message conversation with Kelly Stewart, the former Army Green Beret sniper — and sniper instructor — whose life story is chronicled in my first nonfiction book, Three Days In August:

Me: “I went and saw American Sniper today. Did you see it Saturday? Thoughts? I thought it seemed a little too much Hollywood. Am I right?

Stewart:  “Haven’t seen it yet. Gonna wait ’til it’s on DVD.”

Me: “I wish I had saved my money until it was at RedBox instead of wasting big $$ at theater.”

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While Chris Kyle’s exploits are legendary, the film seemed to lack the kind of emotion I expected to see. And, perhaps I’m biased, but I think Stewart’s story would make a better film.

Because another updated Weldon Spring (Mo.) Cancer Report is due to be released by early January 2016, I decided to revisit the subject of radioactive contamination dangers in the St. Louis area. Read about it in my Jan. 30 post, New Weldon Spring Cancer Report Due Out Early 2016.

Gravel-covered stairs lead to the top of the 75-foot-tall disposal cell at the Weldon Spring Site.

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