Nervous Weatherman Skit Big Break for Actor Don Knotts

Sometimes, one has to get away from business and politics and simply enjoy something funny. Today, I offer you the chance to do just that by watching a video of the late actor Don Knotts. Best known as “Deputy Barney Fife” on “The Andy Griffith Show,” he got his big break by playing a nervous weatherman in a skit on “The Steve Allen Show.”

According to the folks at the West Virginia Celebrities Facebook page, dedicated to news and information about celebrities who call West Virginia home, Knotts made his debut on “The Steve Allen Show,” playing a character named “Mr. Morrison,” a weatherman forced to ad lib the forecast without any information about the weather. As he spelled out a weather system moving into California on the map, it became clear he was writing the word, HELP.

The video above was one of the first things I came across this Sunday morning, and it really started my day off right. Hope it does the same for your day.

FYI: I’m not a West Virginia native and have no ties to the state, but I did grow up watching “The Andy Griffith Show.”

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